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  • Tom! It's your birthday my friend, isn't it??
    Have a great 15 birthday!!!
    Do yu have any plans for your day?
    Happy 15!!!
    Have a nice day, make sure it's one to remember!!! And don't forget the cake!
    Ewww, ugly profile pic. Ah, forget that, Happy Birthday, Tom Bombadil. :P Enjoy your day, have fun and don't share the cake. ^^
    omg. super sunshine is the best mario game i ever played. how long have you had it?

    PS. tom, nice picture
    Not really, oh, i bought a used Super Mario Sunshine. i tricked a "friend" of mine to sell it really cheap, 5$ only, he thinks that mario is just a silly game so he thinks that its doesn't worth much. except for that, nothing really, im on a long month of exams and im really tired and i have no time to play games. oh and i got Portal.
    what about you my friend?
    Não precisa comprar, eu já sei como fazer VMs com menos de 50 caracteres. >;]

    Ah, e obrigado pelo "feliz aniversário". ;)
    Hi i am DARK MASTER so nice to you.
    hey whats your top zelda game. do you like like rare zeldas like ZELDA WATCH or

    ZELDA GAME AND WATCH is the hardest zelda game ever

    zelda watch is a lot like loz it has 4 dungeons with 4 rooms pre dungeon and The enemies are Keese and Gels The main villain is Aquamentus the view overhead and the items are the Boomerang/Bombs/Sword boss 1 1s called the first son of Aquamentus boss 2 1s called the 2 son of Aquamentus boss 3 is 1s called the 3 son of Aquamentus
    AND boss 4 the final boss of the game is IS Aquamentus all the bosses look almost the same as Aquamentus. Aquamentus is so hard. he shoots a fireball that Warps all over the room at you. you have know recoveretime and you have 2 lives and 3 heart. now what could be harder is then that i will tell you.
    Zelda Game and Watch is the hardest zelda game ever. first the game is a lot like AOL so it is a sidescoler
    and you can only go up. ther is 1 dungeon but it is BIG! ther is over 40 rooms so it is big now The main villains are the 8 Dragons of Havoc and enemies include Genies Moblins and Stalfos all the bosses are is a Dragons of Havoc ther are 8 Dragons thay shoot a lot of fireballs at you overall Zelda Game and Watch
    is harder then zelda watch but thay are all hard

    also what is your top zelda villians

    all zelda villians
    Ganon loz AOL ALTTP oot /BS The Legend of Zelda /BS The Legend of Zelda Triforce of the Gods/ BS The Legend of Zelda: The Ancient Stone Tablets OOA OOS FSA WW TP Master Quest Zelda The Wand of Gamelon /Zelda's Adventure/Link The Faces of Evil
    Vaati FS FSA MC
    Aquamentus zelda watch LOZ BS The Legend of Zelda OOS
    King Bulblin tp
    zant tp
    Byrne st
    Demon train st
    cole st
    Malladus st
    bellum ph
    Dragons of Havoc zelda game and watch
    Majoras Mask mm
    Cubus daughters ph
    nightmare LA
    DARK LINK FSA OOA a link to the past gba AOL oot st
    Phanton Ganon oot FSA WW
    Thunderbird AOL
    Twinrova oot OOS OOA
    Onox OOS
    Veran OOA
    Oinker Warrior Leader Freshly Picked Tingle's Rosey Rupeeland
    Beetle Lord Death Bug Freshly Picked Tingle's Rosey Rupeeland
    Uncle Rupee Freshly Picked Tingle's Rosey Rupeeland
    Stalfo Captain Freshly Picked Tingle's Rosey Rupeeland MM LA
    Segare Color Changing Tingle's Love Balloon Trip
    yamoji Color Changing Tingle's Love Balloon Trip
    Stallord tp links cross bow training
    Agahnim Alttp OOA BS The Legend of Zelda Triforce of the Gods
    Helmaroc king FSA WW
    Cool, im planning to buy a ds lite too, but not in the next few months, i have lot of great games right now that just waiting for me to play in them.
    Boring? *Slaps Tom in the back of the head* Are you serious? You need to gain access to the shout box, that's all. Also, you should join my game club...it will get fun there. ^^
    But I did leave, Tommy. I was away for several days. Luckily for me, things worked out in the end, I was able to come back. ^^ I noticed you were absent for a while, how is it going? School work keeping you from being active or what? :P
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