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  • Oh my gosh, did you hear? Nexus Towny is closing! D: They're making a new server – Nexus Realms. I'm really unhappy. The new server is steampunk themed and it won't have the supernaturals plug-in anymore. I really, really liked that plug-in. Plus, I'll miss my house and Saria's Song...

    If you want to bring anything from Nexus Towny into Nexus Realms, you have to put it in the RIGHT side of the chest bank in Venus City. (The left is public.) Server closes September 9th.

    And you could go on the website to apply for the quest team of the new server with me and my sister. We get to make the storyline and the NPCs and everything. Annnnd we got made mods. XD Building positions are already taken, sadly. My sister worked really hard on building something steampunk to apply for a builder, and then they closed it without warning.
    Well, I've been renting games on Gamefly, like Mario Sports Mix, which was INSANELY boring. Besides dodgeball :3
    She wasn't an OP when I went on, though. I know there was some kind of controversy there... Something happened? She did something that she wasn't supposed to, I think.
    Which server? That one with all the Zelda fans? I went on it once, a while back, and went exploring with Zeldamew, but I never got on again. :P I think my house got taken. I just can't play Minecraft during the week anymore. I don't have time with swim team.

    Wow, you have an early lunch, haha. It's good that you're enjoying school, though.

    Yes, we DEFINITELY need to Brawl! ^^ I don't know when... maybe this weekend? It's a three day weekend because of Labor Day, right?
    I know right? :P

    Sorry for not responding to your previous message. But... I guess I can ask you now. How's school? Haha, and how's your Creepercraft hacking progress going?

    Nexus Towny is kind of in chaos right now... The mod glitched or something, and everyone lost their homes. About half the towns on the server became unowned, too, so griefers and raiders had a field day. And monsters were spawning everywhere... But I think the owner of the server is going to load a previous backup file that they have. Hopefully that'll fix things.
    I don't actually have the PC/XBOX version of Minecraft, I only play with Minecraft PE on my iPad xD. My dad is going to get me the PC version soon....hopefully...xD
    Let's see, all the 3D ones, NES Zelda, Link's Awakening on 3DS VC, FSA, FS Anniversary, I think that's it. Though I did play TMC on an emulator.
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