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  • Sadly, no. I've been playing almost exclusively single player since Nexus Towny went down. My sister suggests Nexus Realms and Alteria, which is a role-playing server. She also mentioned Endercraft, which is apparently a "prison server". Not sure what that means, but she described it an it sounds interesting. They have an Enjin site if you want to check it out.
    Weird. I guess you're not on my friends' list. Maybe I accidentally deleted you or something. My friend code is 0903-2850-0856 if you want to add me again.

    By the way, one of my friends is probably going to join us. So should I make the room? Also, Light vs. Dark or Free-for-All?

    Let us play some Kid Icarus!

    EDIT: Saw your edit. That sounds fine (unless my family decides to go out to eat). I don't see any Timeless's or Paul's on my list, though. You're not SpikySpike by any chance, are you? XD

    EDIT2: Annnnd I added you on Skype. ^^
    Oh, my gosh! Yes! Please! That'd be so fun! :D Still available?

    EDIT: TIIIIIMELEEESS. You logged off just as I posted that. Not. Cool. Gosh dangit. -.- We should arrange to do so tomorrow evening. I'll try to be online. By the way, who are you on my friends' list again? I'm so confused at who's who. I have two Bens and this random Emily girl who I have NO clue who she is...
    Aww, really? Hope you feel better. Everyone's been getting sick lately. I already had the flu a few weeks back, though, so I think I'm done with the sick thing... :P I'm not up to anything special. But how about you?
    Unfortunately, at this time, it's only sold online. You can buy a print copy from Amazon or Barnes&Noble, though. There should be plenty in stock.

    Also, thank you! Glad you're enjoying it.
    just been busy and stuff with school and exams and the like
    exams are done now so it's all good
    I will this weekend, don't worry :P hollie's gonna be back to make your dash beautiful again
    hey, my mafia game sign-ups are open, and we only filled the list halfway. you want to join?
    Sorry for the wait. I kinda like the whole "Champs" thingy.

    Also, sorry the Mets didn't keep R.A. ****ey.
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