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    Twilight Princess Did You Like Twilight Princess?

    As a game, Twilight Princess was better than most. But as a Zelda game, I think it tried to hard to be Ocarina of Time. I believe the developers were so concerned with trying to redo OoT that they didn't let TP do its own thing. It makes my list of top 5 Zelda games, but not by much.
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    Should Some of the Classic Bosses Return?

    As I've posted in another thread, I think Gleeok would make a wonderful 3D boss. And on top of that, a 3D Thunderbird could turn out to be an EPIC boss.
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    What Does the Skyward Sword Music Tell You About the Game?

    @nicktheslayer: The music wasn't used in-game, but it WAS used for a TP trailer.
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    What Does the Skyward Sword Music Tell You About the Game?

    I'm pretty sure the music for the first trailer was used in the one for TP, so I won't count that. And to be honest, it doesn't tell me much. And I REALLY hope this isn't the direction they're going with the orchestrated music. Its nice and all, but I do hope we'll be hearing some darker feeling...
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    Countdown to E3

    A new trailer, demo, etc, etc, are nice, but what I really want is some storyline news. Nothing to grand, just a little teaser to whet our appetites.
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    The Ocarina

    I don't think the Ocarina of Time will make a full fledged appaerance, but seeing its creation at the end of the game would be pretty cool. I personally think the instrument will be that lyre like device shown in the GDC trailer.
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    How the Skyward Sword Becomes the Master Sword

    That COULD work, but, to be honest, I always thought the spirit girl thing would eventually...die. Well, not necesarily die, but she clearly isn't present in any other games (except Wind Waker...maybe.) So I agree with the sacrificing part, but as I've already posted, I don't think that every...
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    Will You Watch/ Read Reviews Before Playing/ Buying?

    I will. But only from a credible source, such as IGN. I'm not gonna search "Skyward Sword Review" on Youtube, becuase I know I'll get one of two things: An all out fanboy, who thinks SS is horrible because it "didn't live up OoT, the story sucks, etc. etc.", or a total hater who decided to make...
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    What Will the Cuccos Be Like?

    Cuccos of death, for sure. I mean, come on, when were you NOT bored and randomly hit a Cucco to see what happened? I got a game over on my first playthrough of OoT out of natural curiosity. I was scared to go into Kakariko Village for weeks.
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    Should They Reuse the Gerudo Valley Theme, Only Orchastrated?

    I think it would be really cool if they brought back the Gerudo Valley music, and the Gerudos in general. But I think they should re-do it, kind of like the Kakariko Village theme from TP. And 425, thats a great idea. I would LOVE to see the Gerudo king before Ganondorf. That could make for some...
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    What Boss Would You Like to See for the First Dungeon?

    True. And a 20 meter Cucco would probably mean instant death, judging by the normal sized ones...
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    Hardest Dungeon

    I have several, so I'll list them by game. LoZ: Death Mountain. No explanation needed. OoT: The Forest Temple. Especially when you have to find the Poe Sisters. MM: Great Bay Temple. I got turned around soooo much. WW: The Wind Temple. You remember the part where you used the Deku Leaf...
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    What Boss Would You Like to See for the First Dungeon?

    Eh...that golden statue (Ravana is what ZD has entitled it) seemed to be further in. Mainly because Link has a lot of hearts in that shot. Nine, to be exact. So the logical chances are pretty small, unless Nintendo added those hearts on. Which I doubt.
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    Will You Use a Guide?

    Ultimately, no, I won't use a guide. Save one exception. I've been wandering around a dungeon for over two hours, with absolutley no idea what to do. Before I use a guide, I want to exhaust every other resource at my disposal. But my second playthrough WILL be 100%, so I'll probably use a guide...
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    Favorite Boss?

    Argorok, hands down. He wasn't hard, so to speak, but the battle itself was intense. I mean, for a few seconds, you were riding a dragon!
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