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  • Tobi being exiled is likely, since his plan currently revolves around taking over the world and shaping it to his liking o_O I wouldn’t thrown him out too if he was going on about crazy crap like that >.>
    Yeah, Tobi's a Uchiha of mystery >.> That is, unless he stole those eyes and isn't a Uchiha at all o_O But I doubt that's the case :/
    Sorry for the late reply :/ Anyhow, yeah Sasuke has a final battle with Itachi and kills him (which was all part of Itachi’s plan), before the battle however Itachi explains how someone named Madara Uchiha also aided in the Uchiha Clans Massacre. At that point in time Tobi was believed to be Madara, but that is apparently not the case as Kabuto later on summons Madara via Impure World Resurrection >.> So, the new question of who Tobi really is has arose.
    No, the Death God only appears when the Jutsu connected to him is used, Zetsu is the living flytrap. Also, Tobi and Kabuto's army is mostly composed of millions of Zetsu clones. If you read the Narutopedia page about Akatsuki it details each mebers main plan, Itachi's, Pain's and Tobi's.
    Nah, Sasuke let the hatred take over and is lost forever o_O All of the Akatsuki besides Tobi and Zetsu have been taken out, but have since been revived by Kabuto via Impure World Resurrection for use in the war >.> Hidan is apparently still alive at the bottom of that pit and the zombie like Akatsuki members are being defeated all over again. Itachi was able to snap out of Kabuto’s control thanks to Naruto and has joined the good team, placing all his trust on Naruto to take care of Sasuke. Minato, Naruto’s dad, is actually sealed away within the Death God as he used a Jutsu that sealed himself and part of the Nine-Tails’ chakra away in there a long time ago.
    I would answer those questions but it would be one big sentence. You could read up on those subjects on Narutopedia if you wanted, just visit the pages about Sasuke and Akatsuki and after reading all the summaries closest to the bottom you should be all caught up. Tobi starts a Shinobi World War, and the entire nations join together against him…..Sasuke is screwed, everyone wants to kill him, and Naruto has to determine his fate.
    I haven't watched for a while myself, since I don't enjoy the filler arks :/ But the actually significant arks are awesome in my opinion, especially the ones which revolve around the Akatsuki. Sasori’s battle against Sakura and Lady Chiyo, Hidan killing Asuma and then getting blown apart and buried alive as a trash talking pile of body parts by Shikamaru later on, and Kakuzu getting over killed by Naruto’s Wind Style: Rasenshuriken are all some of my favorite scenes in the English dub :) But hey, if you don't like it, then you don't like it.
    No problem regarding the Friend Request and sorry for the somewhat late reply, my internet was having some connection problems :/ But yeah, I like Naruto; however I've only watched the Anime…..watching is better than reading in my opinion >.>
    Hey there Links Ultimate!:wave: I don't know you on the forums but I noticed it was your birthday.^^ So...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:clap::clap::clap::clap:
    : fairy :

    But you need to take out the spaces between the colons and attach them to fairy. ^^
    I did not mean that you have to be active when you're at school.
    I mean't that you just don't care about the group.
    AND we are talking about letting more people join.
    Please wait patiently.

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