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Skull Kid
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  • I think Skyward Sword looks awesome and I like the graphical style better than Twilight Princess. Highly detailed cel-shading, that's what I'm talking about. Link's Face also looks more realistic (than TP or anything else). They just posted some details about the story of Skyward Sword on the homepage.
    hi man what do you like about zelda me i am in to rare games like zelda watch and zelda game and watch
    Haha I phrased that wrong yes I know how to play and I'm pretty good now and I'll get my tag right... awwww my brothers using the tv but I'll get it too you and on my profile tonight or tomorrow :)
    Alright, Here are three that I made.
    If any of them don't suit you, then I can make you a specific one.
    Or I can change any of the ones below. I hope you like them!



    Thank you. Hope you had a good day too. I am legal now WOOT. ......But its not much different so far.
    hey skull kid, Do you still want the Skull kid signature, cause I can make you one if you want.
    YAYYYY!!!! I just got brawl and have been playing it for a while but I dont really know what I'm supposed to do :)
    Haha I will once I get it :( Its still on the other side of the country so I'll get it next weekend hopefully sooner but I'll tell you :)
    Well (hence my name) oot is my favorite Zelda game.
    Practically I think it is the best Zelda game.
    But yes, I am VERY exited for Zelda wii, and I hope it will be good
    if it's not, "I'm gonna blow up japan!!" nah just kidding
    Nice, I've never played TP but I hear mostly good things about it. I almost got it but I got Brawl instead :) Do you like TP?
    There is nothing to appologize for. I had my first sig made for like a month and a half before I actually knew how to use it.

    Okay this may seem complex, but once you do it, it'll be easy as cake.
    1. Save the image to your computer.
    2. Go to this website http://imageshack.us/
    3. Upload the image at this website
    4. Copy the code you need (I always use the Direct Link)
    5. Go to settings in Zelda Dungeon. It's at the top right.
    6. Go to change signature on the left side of the screen.
    7. Click on the upload image button. It looks like a tree or something.
    8. Paste the code you copied from image shack.
    9. Save your changes.

    Like I said it seems complicated but it is really easy.
    I think it would be a little high-tech but if they did a glider or a very primitive plane then it would be cool but not a 747.
    Alright dude, here you go. Here are two versions. Both of these meet the requirements of the site.
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