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Skull Kid
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  • Thanks! Hey...I think I saw you a long time ago...weren't you that kid who tried to destroy half of the world with the moon? Nice thinking, although that green kid probably destroyed your plan after awhile. He is so annoying! I tried to make sure he wouldn't bother me again for his own sake, but he just kept coming. That's why I put the Shadow Crystal in him, because I knew he couldn't use any of his items to get back and annoy me.
    Hey! Thanks for accepting my friend request! I'm just trying to get some more friends, get some reputation on forums, maybe start a couple threads, that kinda stuff.
    Ah, okay. Well I'll try. XP And thanks!

    I'm not sure, actually. Last year I believe IGN did a live feed of E3 news. I also remember that Mases also did live coverage, but of the IGN feed, waiting for Zelda news (when we found out about Spirit Tracks). Hard to say if that's exactly what'll happen this time, but I think at least it will be the same for IGN. ;)
    Happy Birthday to you.... Well, you would get the sparkly cat, but there's a problem, it won't upload. :S Sorry!

    Anyway, make sure your birthday is a great one. You only get one a year!!!
    Happy birthday Skull Kid! I wonder what presents did you get, Majora's Mask or something???
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