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    Like a phoenix I rise from the ashes to fight against injustice and corruption in this world. Well, at least on this forum, little good it's done me. What happened? Why does everything look so different?
    dead men's posts arent supposed to carry any advice though :P thats where the issue was. A "oh I'm dead, good luck town" would have sufficed ;) But now ya know.
    Hello Mr. Shroom! I see you're recently new here. :)
    How are you liking the forums so far?
    Simple enough. Here it is with the text moved.
    Okay DS. I've somehow finished your two requests tonight. You can pick them up in my thread. Let me know if you need any help using them.
    Well, there's actually quite a good number of excellent graphic makers here, so if you look around the Sigs/Avatar section, you'll find a few shops ^^
    If you can't decide, there's this thread where you can request graphics from any of the users. Give a good description of what you want and someone will pick it up ;)
    Hope that helps you!
    Hey Deku Shroom, welcome to ZD! I think I already welcomed you, but whatever :lol:
    I saw on one of your posts you wanted a set? Do you mean like a sig and avatar?
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