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    New Years Resolutions 2021!

    I'm aiming to get in better shape and to eat better, so more cooking at home, which has been a fun learning experience. I'm down five pounds so far and I want to keep that energy going. I'm in the process of trying to get some artistic pursuits that I've always wanted to pursue in motion. One...
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    Official Suggestions Thread

    Remove reactions other than “like” from MD threads. I’ve never seen other reactions used in ways that a like couldn’t manage and other reactions just end up as subtle jabs. It’s “mature” discussions, and pokes and prods at people should be discouraged, actual dialogue encouraged. If you can’t...
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    Most replayable games you know

    I mean, I've replayed BotW a few times now, and I do think it's replayable. I think you're more viewing it in that it lacks RPG elements like stat enhancements or build trees, but what's there I find enjoyable. You can just go different routes from the Great Plateau and start viewing things...
  4. Shroom

    Do you think it would be fun to play a Zelda game where you can create your own character?

    Not crazy about a customizable character, I do like what BOTW with different armor sets and clothing. I liked that in OoT as well, and that's enough for me. To add to previous discussion in a sort of out there way. I'd argue Ganondorf is perfectly present in OoT. 1.He's in Link's nightmare at...
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    Happy birth my friend! :party:

    Happy birth my friend! :party:
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    I'm pretty cool with it. Like others have mentioned, I really hope they actually add in more music. I'm sure the Sephiroth theme is a lock, but FF7 has way more tunes that should really have been added when Cloud was. I like having major baddies next to the game protagonists, so I think this is...
  7. Shroom

    Stuff in Zelda you didn't realize until much later.

    I made a thread about this a while ago I think, but I never noticed that the master cycle was based on a horse/unicorn. I just thought it was a random shape for months, but nope, it's like the other divine beasts and is an animal too.
  8. Shroom

    Zelda 35th anniversary

    Gimmie a Game & Watch of the original game and nothing else. -------------------- but a 3d All-Stars style collection and BOTW2 would also be okay :bear:
  9. Shroom

    Timeline may prove me wrong on this.

    In relation to a side-quest, and a couple other little nods to it, Saria seems to teach this song to and be friends with at least a Skull Kid, so I'm sure the music was shared among others. It could also just be a nod back to the forest in general too.
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    Do you have a favorite voice actor/actress?

    Mark Gatha, Troy Baker, and Scott Menville are all ones I really get nostalgic or excited hearing. Gatha in particular really nailed the male protagonist voice for me, and I thought he was perfect for Domon in the one Gundam anime, and X in the Mega Man X remake.
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    Hyrule Warriors Your Hyrule Warriors Tier List

    Pretty self-explanatory.
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    Have you ever played a bad game out of curiosity?

    I just finished my playthrough of Vesperia several days ago, and it was my first Tales game. Gotta say, I really enjoyed it and find it hard to believe that the whole series could be seen bad or objectively bad. There was a couple game design issues, like missable sidequests for unique items and...
  13. Shroom

    Beating the game

    When you beat the final boss, your save file is given a star next to it, and it puts you back outside of the final fight, so you will have all equipment that your had prior to going in to the final boss. You can still do whatever you want with that save file, though, if you're looking to start a...
  14. Shroom

    What makes a good show/book/movie?

    I agree with the other posts about having good characters and interesting worlds. I don't even have to like the character as person, sometimes I find having unreliable or morally imperfect characters to follow even more interesting. Can I understand where these character's are coming from and...
  15. Shroom

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Constant humble bragging. When said bragging involves skills and hobbies I'm interested in, it makes me embarrassed and as if I can't even talk about them because others are already annoyed by the way other, often louder, people have worn them out on it while stroking their ego.
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