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    So-called "Shameless Plugs".

    This is one of my least favorite things that happens on Twitter. 1. Make one tweet that is even slightly successful 2. Wow this tweet really blew up!!! Check out my *insert blank* here!!! (for content not remotely related)
  2. Shroom

    Which Remake had the worst "glow up"?

    Majora's Mask 3D. How ya gonna make the game look great, be super easy to play on a handheld, add some QoL features, and ruin it with moveset changes, re-hauling bosses in unneeded and clunky ways, odd lighting/color differences, and physics changes? It's the worst kind of remake because the...
  3. Shroom

    What Annoyed You Today?

    They've unfortunately been sold out for months now, and there seems to be a shortage all over. Even joycons are going for asinine prices, a single used one I saw for about 45 dollars, and a set of new ones, even in gray, going for about 100 dollars instead of the usual 80. I've seen joycons go...
  4. Shroom

    Favourite Starters of Each Gen

    Gen 1 is really hard. It's almost always a tie between Bulbasaur and Charmander, but gotta give it to Bulbasaur Gen 2: Totodile Gen 3: Torchic Gen 4: Chimchar Gen 5: Snivy Gen 6: Froakie Gen 7: Rowlet Gen 8: Grookey
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    Choose An Item To Upgrade To Weapon Status

    Mole Mitts. I love when you can just punch stuff in games, and the mole mitts from Minish Cap, or whatever the equivalent in Skyward Sword would be really cool. Zelda doesn't really have anything like it, and it has a lot of potential. Not really a weapon, but I'd like to see the mobility that...
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    Ninja's YouTube Channel - The Confessionalist

    I forgot to give this thread a like when you initially posted it. You're one of the most genuine and giving people I've encountered, and I hope you never change that. I know you've given me some light when I was feeling low, and I thank you for that.
  7. Shroom

    Your 5 favorite Assist Trophies

    To preface, I really love Zero and genuinely wish he was a fighter, but he's not necessarily my favorite assist trophy to get. I generally like non-obtrusive ones, ones that can be dealt with rather fairly by other players, or just the bizarre and fun ones. 1. Advance War Tanks and Infantry men...
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    I'm desperate .. (am I playing this wrong?!)

    A lot of those tutorials are from people who have played the game for hours upon hours and know the game by heart. You can't really play the game "wrong," just different. I would recommend doing other side objectives, then coming back to that particular quest if you want. Explore the world...
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    Ours are, much like this topic, rather tone-deaf.
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    Things That Always Creep You Out

    I've seen her before..... blech.
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    Things That Always Creep You Out

    An abundance of teeth in odd ways. There were images circulating years ago for what is known as hyperdontia and the sheer thought of it makes my skin crawl. It has to be in a sort of odd way too. If the teeth are organized, fine, whatever, but when they're just thrown about, it's incredibly...
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    What Annoyed You Today?

    Really annoyed by people who hijack thoughts and downs of another for their own gain, whether that be sympathy or attention. At least give some breathing room, sadness is not a competition. In light of more recent events, I'm incredibly annoyed by people going to protests and posting ****ty...
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    Zelda Dungeon / Zelda Informer supporting BLM campaign

    @A Link In Time I'm normally completely against the use generalizations, but I think nuance is of no use here because we are seeing very similar behavior and actions among different parts of our country all from the police. The actions I described, such as blocking in protestors, setting up...
  14. Shroom

    Zelda Dungeon / Zelda Informer supporting BLM campaign

    Cops have shown how ****ty they are throughout all of this, and it's disgusting. Say what you will about protestors, but they aren't all rioting and looting like how they're getting demonized to be, and when it is, it's largely corporate businesses that have lobbying power within the...
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    Thanks friend!

    Thanks friend!
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