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  • Yeah, I know, making people sad just isn’t something I like to do really.....not so much. Yep, I am back, had left in March.....but came back during mid June, so I’m spreading my Sunshine here once more.
    Yep, everybody loves the Sunshine, uh-huh. Sorry about making you feel sad though, LinkLover wasn’t very happy to hear that I was leaving either......worse part was I told her on her birthday >::<
    I always have Sunshine to spare, especially for my friends.....and we’re friends so, yeah. Good to know you’ve all been doing alright, next time you see them, tell them Vain says hi ^::^
    Awww, I’m sorry, but I’m back now so......

    I hope you cheer up soon, and I hope your other sisters have been doing alright ^::^ Me—well, guess I’ve been good enough, yeah.
    Hello, Lindsay…..how have you been? Heh, it certainly has been awhile, I hope you and your sisters have been doing well.
    Damn sucka, dem cops be all up in your grill......that's wiggity whack, yo O::eek: Lock everything.....hold tightly onto the Sunshine I gave you.....and everything will be fine ^::^ Me, I'm alright.....currently using my 3DS to chat on here >::>
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