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  • Oh, hey, Lindsay :)

    What a pleasant surprise, it's been awhile...how have you and your sister's been, life still treating you all alright?
    Ok then, Lindsay, hope you enjoy reading that stuff--have a good night as well, because I'm gonna log off for now ^::^
    Weird. You came back online right after going off. I enjoy rock, pop the usual. What's your favorite Zelda game?
    Doing pretty well. Thanks for the message. So rock music is your favorite, eh? What other types do you enjoy listening to?
    Well, back then I had sent my Sunshine Story and the 6 Chapters of the Tron Story that were complete--Ch. 7 and Ch. 8 still need to be completed, I began Ch. 9 early because I grew impatient with myself, heheh. I have since edited the mentioned things though, and could e-mail them to you if you'd like, Ch. 9 and the Viral Akatsuki Chronicles will have to wait though.
    Heh, suppose so, the fight scene against the Six Ports of Vain was typed out today—ended up being 6 pages long, but I was happy with how it turned out. If you want me too, I’ll e-mail this crazy long chapter to you when it’s done, alongside the Viral Akatsuki Chronicles…..since I don’t think you’ve read those yet, and they do tell events that take place before Chapter 9.
    Heh, good.....and there was a fight scene lasting 13 pages in this Chapter already so, my fight scenes be long.
    No problem, whenever you may need some Sunshine, I have lots~ Yeah, the battle ended up being close to 7 pages long......I'm satisfied.
    Yeah, your sister mentioned the moving, hope it goes well......and awww, it’s no fun feeling like crap, have some more Sunshine and try to cheer up soon ^::^

    Anyways, suppose I'm doing alright, planning on typing out a fight in this one Chapter for my Tron Story.
    Heh, awesome, I hope she’s doing well. So, anyways, what’s been going on….how’s life been and all that stuff?
    Yeah, and I spoke with LinkLover last night as well—tell Jen I said hi still though, not sure when I’ll get to speak with her again.
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