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  • Well if you iz ever sad come by ma page and Lord Vain shall make you smile.......somehow. I made it my sole duty to ensure pain does not linger within this realm of Cyber Space…..so yeah :silent:
    I once cared about emotional pain....but I have since gotten over it and just take everything as a positive……no easy way to harm this guy on a mental scale that’s for sure :D Yep, Vain is always smiling......well, maybe not always because that would likely make my face freeze :sweat:
    Vain was thinking more on the side of emotional pain......but I guess that works too, most of the time my body is able to ignore physical pain if it's not major :clap:
    Yay, Lord Vain is pleased.......just to let you know I am the Digital God of Peace and I enjoy spreading sunshine and happiness on these forums ^^ I know pain.......and as such spread gratitude and joy......makes perfect sense doesn’t it :bleh:
    Hmmmm......Lord Vain sees no reason to not to befriend a positive User such as yourself......but if you aren’t interested than that’s fine. Sunshine ↑&↓&↻ Up and Down and All-Around.....random.
    March= the best month ever .
    Hey! Welcome to ZD, my friend. :) Lol. If you need any help, just message me. I will be more than happy to help.
    Hello and welcome Zelda Dungeon!! I am ShaneOMac713 and if you need any help or you don't know about something you can ask me. Hope you enjoy the site and have fun.
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