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  • lol! then go sleepy byes! You know it is the thing to do for 8 hours of the day, even though neither of us really do.
    How is OoT?
    Heck yes it is! And I got the sig sorted out, I was copying the wrong URL, so I got it now! Kate wants to make me a new firey avy too! I feel like I'm getting a make-over! :lol:
    Heya! Check it out! new username! :D
    I'm only a little excited about it, but now I can't get my new sig to post....:(
    Heya! How's it going?
    Long time no talk! :) I posted in DH. And let me be the first to welcome you to the newest RP, Guardians :)

    and the thread I was telling you about is 'Zelda Game Sign Up Thread' is under fan works
    Yeah... I don't really know what's up with that. Seems we've occasionally had some bugs across the board involving those two features, and I am at a loss to explain it. I should probably go mention it to MrMosley.

    Sorry I couldn't really help. It's definitely a bug though.
    Oh, I like it, especially to see the look on ignorant peoples faces!
    Or... Wait a minute! I can't see their faces! GAH! I'm confused!

    I'm gonna do my best to convince my mum that I can be on, though I do not know how long it will last:)
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