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  • Oh, its simple give me a Link to one of your playlist *listens to Hyrule Field at night in Twilight Princess*
    I had to skip that cut scene in the English version. When I first saw it in Japanese; I started to cry. It was kind of horrifying to watch even though its just a game. Are you talking about Crystallium points? Ha, the only eidolon I used for the fight against Orphan was bahamut. I thought it was fitting lol.

    Fang and Lightning are amazing! I hope Serah is like these two when we get the chance to play her. Both women were interesting & strong characters. Ah! I think on the 22nd, we're suppose to get new scans for XIII-2! Can't wait!

    Hey, did you have a favorite villain?
    Hello Kemp,
    I am here offer my help in creating you a signature. I would be more than happy to help if you simply tell me what you want your signature to look like.

    Thanks and I hope to hear back from you,
    ahaha! lol i came back for a last 5 minuts of being here, and i see your post on my tread, and i laugh! :)
    maybe when i come back we can talk sometime!!!!!:D that would be the awesomest! lol!!!!:)
    What? Odin and Lightning pic!? Where?! :O
    Ugh, I disliked Orphan! His 2nd form was impossible to defeat the first time and I hated it when he tried using Fang. Jerk! lol. But, aww at least Lightning was crystallized for 10 seconds, so it wasn't that bad. I hope there isn't a sad ending that involves her in XIII-2. :(
    Hahah! Dude, those titles were really funny! Heheh! "Desperate Scousewives"! :D

    I lived in Maghull, however, that was when I was seven and eight. So I spoke scouse back then. I don't now though, cuz I don't speak English every day anymore...
    But I'll see you around! I gotta go! :wave: Bye!
    :lol: Weirdo? No, not at all! Everyone needs to get stuff of their chests once in a while. I might even have to get something of my chest towards you in the future. :D
    I lived in Liverpool for a year a while back actually. :)
    Well, for me it's only a week left... But it'll be exiting for me to start in a new school with all new class mates!
    Right! I'll just wait and see when it's finished. :) So, how has your summer been?
    Wow, really?! Now that sounds really interesting. Let's just hope it will be released in Europe!
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