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  • I'm going to let this one pass. I already said I wasn't going to start another Skyrim/Skyward Sword Bash with anyone else on the site, this includes you. Remember the rules? NO NECROMANCY! DON'T REVIVE DISCUSSIONS THAT HAVE DIED. THIS INCLUDES MY RANTS AGAINST SKYRIM.
    Listen good, because I'm only going to say this once. If you pull any more of this "fanboy" bulls***, I'll report you for flaming me. And don't think I won't, because I'm about ready to do it now. So watch what you say to me about fanboys, because I am a diehard Dungeoneer, and you should be too, if you're part of the site. Don't diss the Zelda fans, because we are many.
    Thanks for your help. All I needed to know was "pc" isn't a special type of computer :nerd:
    Happy new year, brotha! Hope you have a good one! I know in the UK or wherever you are it's already 5 o'clock in the morning.
    Your PM is full, so I cant get anything or send anything from you. Please dleet some mail So I can send you your form for the Tournament.
    You're from Britain, right? I can tell because of how you spell words differently. Biscuits in the US aren't like biscuits over there, we call your biscuits cookies!

    Look: American Biscuit on left, British Biscuits on the right.

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