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  • Why thank you sir. It's just that SpongeBob is pretty much the best thing to quote. :P
    You, sir, have the greatest signature in history. Tops even the best of my own creations, no question.
    Austin and Xinn decided to leave the forum staff and the community as well, though not forever to the best of my understanding. In addition, Kitsu retired from being ZD's only tech adviser and a Hylian Knight. They all were essential components to the regalement and maintenance of the forums.
    Am I really infamous? I'm afraid of Destiny coming to my house and burning me on a stake.
    You need not feel bad about only liking video game music......Lord Vain understands, I myself only prefer video game music and Daft Punk ^::^ Oh and by the way, Perfect Chaos is a Boss in the 360 and PS3 version of Sonic Generations......but, if you have neither system then you're out of luck, sorry :sweat:
    You like snow eh......then by chance, do you know of Shiver City? It’s one of my favorite locations in Paper Mario for the N64 ^^ My town just got hit with a bunch of snow , and it really irks me how it always happens on the weekend……oh how I long for a snow day this year :rolleyes:
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