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  • lol, you actually do work in class. I dont! we mainly watch movies and listen to music or just sleep;P oh and i forgot to ask, do you know of the Australia orchestra?
    No lol, its actually 11:25 PM friday.
    and yes i ment lunch by dinner lol. and i tired as heck lol. in SS i learn about other countrys and how they were 20 years or so ago. BORING! id reather do what your doing right now lol.
    Lol, your 16 hours ahead of me, Thats weird. cause right now your prolly eating dinner am i correct?
    And the weeked just started today at 3:30 (friday)
    and what all do you learn in social studdies?
    Well right now im typing this from school, and we just got done learning about....
    not cool at all, my eyes are burning:( lol
    I live in a town that only has a population of 600. thats pretty small. And in the country. today i went out to the football feild, and under the stands was a BABY RABIT! it was soo adorable. i wanted to catch it....but when i went under the bleachers it ran away:( gosh, i loved that thing for a total of 3 minutes lol. well whatcha been up too?
    My school colors are orange black and white. Lololol! BBQ's in December!? thats like amazing!!!:D I wouldnt like the uniforms though, do you wear skirt? or what? lol. That considerd a really big school where i live. i like small schools too. You know everyone in the school. Its fun. what life like in the outback? ;D lolol jk
    Well I'll send you a list K?
    1. The Legend of Zelda
    2: Mother
    3: Pokemon
    4: Xenoblade
    5: Star Fox
    6: Smash Bros.
    and the list will go on and on if i keep going
    Lol yeah I have an AR card that I got in Nintendo Power last month. I'm in the US, central time zone. How about you? I see you're on right now!
    Wow, so you have your summer in december?! thats amazing. lolol.
    And no i dont have to wear uniforms (thank goodness!!!) and the only times you have to wear uniforms to school is if you go to a really big one like 500 -1,000 students. and i go too a school thats only 200-300. thats really small. another time you would have to wear one is if you went to a private school, or a christian school. it varies.
    If you were wondering I have Ocarina of Time 3D, Rayman 3D,Mario Kart 7, Spirit Camera, Star Fox 64, Kid Icarus, Super MArio 3D Land, Tales of the Abyss, Super Monkey Ball, and Pokemon Rumble and whats your favorite Nintendo franchise?
    I have MK7, OoT3D, Tales of the Abyss, Dead or Alive: Dimensions, Nintendogs + Cats (I'll probably sell it; I got it on launch day but it's LAAAME!!!), Star Fox 64 3D (DO A BARREL ROLL!), and Super Mario 3D Land. I'm going to get Kid Icarus after finishing a batch of DS games I'm working on. Highly recommend Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 for NDS. It's wicked!
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