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  • Well thank you for saying that I'm cool. :P I'm honored to have you as a friend. As for me, I'm doing pretty fine! And you kind sir?
    I'm in all honors classes where it's available, so I'm in honors English, honors Biology, honors Spanish II, honors algebra II and trigonometry, world history, religion, and gym/introduction to computers (BOOOORRRIIIINNNNGGGGG!!!!!) How about you?
    Yeah I do the same, I get random bursts where I really love to draw although I need to get better too :P And thanks! I plan to :D
    I'm sorry, I thought I replied earlier! I have 13 days of school left and then 4 half-days of finals, so I'm really excited about that! Looking forward to a summer of gaming and everything! HBU?
    Im doing pretty good, and thank you! I plan on getting some more drawings on there soon but I just haven't been able to find time recently :( Do you draw at all?
    Ah. That's cool. I enjoy studying about wars.

    It's nice to see you honoring your nation's veterans. You're Australian, right? Forget about New Zealand. They only have kiwis. :P
    ANZAC? What's that?

    I technically only had a half day of school today and same goes for tomorrow due to state testing.
    Well i was just wondering because a guy that graduated from my school actually plays tuba in it. His name is Tim Buzbee if you want to look him up. i actually got to play in a concert with him in San Antonio, texas.
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