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  • Happy Birthday Bestfriend! :D
    Disneyland is in California, and DisneyWorld is in Florida. I think DisneyWorld is bigger, but idk for sure. lol other than that, I dont think theres much of a difference
    We're all jealous of each other's weather during the different parts of the year. :P Does it ever snow where you're at?

    Super Mario 3D Land. 2D? I thought it was more geared towards the original tenets of the 3D installments than Galaxy 2.

    Also, you play Halo? Wow, just wow. I seriously need to stop with the videogame gender stereotypes. :lol:

    Are you planning to do anything special over break?
    Pretty well. Thanks for asking.

    Black and White 2 due certainly look interesting. Personally, I am still disappointed they decided to make the new duo on the DS hardware but it is understandable. The new Mario games look alright although I am disappointed in how Nintendo obsessively continues the "New Super Mario Bros." series. In other gaming, Halo 4 definitely interests me.

    How is everything going with you in school? Also, is it winter in Australia right now?
    Ikr? and no. Costs too much, we americans have a sucky president and we are all gettin laid off or homeless lol. but thankfully my mom and dad still have their jobs and we dont live in a carboard box. Id like to either go to Australia or Paris. And ive never been to Disneyland, ive been to Disney World though!:D
    It's been awhile, mam. Given your avatar and profile pic, are you excited for any upcoming Pokemon or Mario games?
    Oh, So when your on summer break, im in school...and when im at school your in summer break.... kinda? lol
    when is your summer break? and lots of swimming, tanning, softball, and hanging out with friends:p
    Dang, when do you get out of school? and I was in a play one time.....i was the narrater, and i forgot my lines and so i started singing>.< everyone joind in. Im sure youwill do great! i will save you !
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