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  • Hey Petman. I guess you probably hate my guts right now for abandoning my article, but I've managed to finally compile everything into one post. Anyways, umm, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
    I got it Petman! Yeah, sorry for causing you all this trouble, but please check on it! ^^
    Yeah. Sorry, I'm having a big mental block right now. But I think i can sense that intro coming! :D
    Thanks. My cousin saw it and gave me a 5-minute speech about how "A man chooses, a slave obeys" couldn't apply to Infinite, and my only defense was "It was just a reference." She gets all butthurt cause she's liked Bioshock as long as I have, even though she just bought the games last month. :dry:
    I know right? It's one of the few games I'm willing to pre-order. I love the whole "choose your fate" mechanic. Even though Delta had a few cool endings, I like the bad ending in the first one best.
    Alright, sorry to hear about all this. Well, at least games play well ;)

    Oh, Axle also told me you're a fan of Bioshock. Is that true? I'm an enormous fan of Bioshock, and everyone else has been like "meh" about it.
    Hey petman. Axle said you were having some trouble with your internet? TheMinish sent Axle a PM about his article not being looked at, so he's asked me to work with you on it. I won't be taking over the entire operation, I'll just kind of help you when you can't get on. Is all of this fine with you?
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