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  • That second one didn't count the rules SPECIFIED, NO ITEMS and we were gonna fight in the Hardberd the 3 times. Also, I was having trouble with my connection. :/
    Alright then so anything you feel like talking about?:mellow:
    Sure thing, Ooccoo, if you want. Just make sure they understand the rules and how the game is played.
    Yes. Slap on the Zora Mask and get in the water. Just keep ramming into him with the electric shield, and he'll be dead before you know it. That's the easiest way to kill him.

    If you don't feel like being cheap, you can fire arrows at him from the edge while he's ramming into the platform and and then he'll be stunned. Slap on the Zora Mask and dive into the water, then swim into him (use the shield for a split second to damage him) and then as soon as you get him, dolphin jump onto the platform to avoid him chomping on you and doing major damage.

    Good luck.
    Wow lol you put too much time in your replies ^o^
    Well, I don't really remember how to set up the WiFi, so sorry about that. And actually, I'd like to get something cleared up with Durion before we have an official match.
    HAHA No we're just too active lolz And besides Fierce diety isnt that active either
    The new commer AKA @lex's brother?!?
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