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    Hyrule Warriors Pre-order Costumes in Eshop Available!

    Dunno about US, but finally in Europe they are available. Someone in US region, please confirm it is available there too.
  2. Onilink89

    Official Super Secret Base Thread

    Finally hit platinum so updated my base.
  3. Onilink89


    Oh i agree its fair, which makes it more frustrating cuz you can't really blame the game. But sometimes enemy Ai does unexpected things too. Like i got backstabbed by a simple balder once. But most annoying is online features and getting invaded and stuff. Really i was so fed up that i just...
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    Dark Souls. Surely i don't have to explain why ragequit is involved with this game.
  5. Onilink89

    Official Super Secret Base Thread

    Its a spotpass and streetpass thing. You don't need to add eachother's FC's.
  6. Onilink89

    Official Super Secret Base Thread

    Well first of all, secret base trainers are all limited to 3 pokemon. The first 3 pokemon of your party will be registered when making a QR code. Second, making QR has two methods. First is your method, by saving image on your 3DS and sharing them from your SD card. The second method is by...
  7. Onilink89

    Official Super Secret Base Thread

    Im suprised this thread has not any replies yet. Oh btw JJ, please mention your location as well. Will make things easier. Notes: - You need surf and dive to reach it, but can fly to it once discovered. - Setted a "proclamation" if you feel like changing battle rules. - Setted a "level...
  8. Onilink89

    IGN's ORAS Review #TooMuchWater

    The reviewer is a freelance girl by the way. Now its not like i completely disagree with the critics. but a -2.2 just for these two reasons feels like a desprate attempt to finds some negative points. Gen 3 was the first that HM Dive used for explorations. Not to mention that you only need...
  9. Onilink89

    IGN's ORAS Review #TooMuchWater

    So yesterday i was reading the review on IGN. Now i know IGN's reviews suck most of the time but this time i have seen it all. So funny i just had to share it and make a thread about it. The original R/S games got a 9.5. This time it got a 7.8 because of "too many HM's and "too much water"...
  10. Onilink89

    Hyrule Warriors Twilight Princess DLC Pack Available Now (according to Official Site)

    Why can't Nintendo plan their releases more strategically? Really, and here i thought it was bad that they released HW and Bayonetta so close to eachother. Not to mention they are both hack and slash games. But this? First MK8 DLC release in november, then this DLC on nov 27, then SSB Wii U and...
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    Video Game Quotes

    "Of course I'm obsessed! They made me this way! You think I don't know how crazy I sound? Of course I do! THEY PROGRAMMED ME TO KNOW THAT TOooo-arrr..." "Do you know how many coffee cups giant robot brains in jars use on a daily basis? NOT F*CKING MANY!" - Muggy, Fallout New Vegas Old World...
  12. Onilink89

    MM-3DS MM 3D Release Hinted or Coincidence?

    Now that this game is officialy confirmed, i look back at some things. Nintendo said that this game development started in 2011, and basicly decided to be quiet and be trolls about it for 3 years when fans asked for the remake after OOT 3D. But here is the thing, i feel this game has been...
  13. Onilink89

    Mario Kart 8 Discussion Thread

    I like when developers put attention to details like that. Also like the fact that the blue falcon actualy gives out blue flames from its exhausts. I don't like that link doesn't has a sword and sheath on its back while he pops out his master sword while doing tricks.
  14. Onilink89

    Did You Ever Cry After a Sad Cutscene in a Video Game?

    when my first wii suddenly decided to die during a xenoblade cutscene. does this count?
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