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  • Alright, anyway 482 is quite a number. I haven't seen that many, but I have seen at least a couple hundred (I didn't think to keep track, the excel sheet was a good idea! x3)
    I remember saying this to you in a 'Who can speak Japanese?' thread a while ago, but I'm going to repeat it because I mean it that much; I find it extremely impressive that you were able to master languages through that approach. It's particularly impressive because things like grammar rules aren't simple things to pick up--I can say I've picked up at least a few hundred phrases words and expressions from watching anime, but I can't say I picked up grammar rules~ ^^; I've taken a few Japanese classes which have clarified some of that for me, but I still haven't mastered the language. I just really want to emphasize that that's quite an accomplishment to do it for one language, yet you've done it more than once! (That's so excellent....^__^)

    Back to Kanon. What you said about the mystery, YES YES YES, it's my thoughts coming through your words again. The mystery....Kanon had this bittersweet building mystery interwoven from the start that kept me masterfully intrigued. Clannad had me a little intrigued in the beginning because of the "girl in the empty universe" (Ushio) but my expectation of a masterful delivery of it at the end--based off Kanon's masterful delivery in its final arc--let me down. And yeah, Kanon's opening is quite beautiful, but in terms of openings, it is Air's that blows me away. I have seen a lot of anime openings (though admittedly not as many as you =P) yet despite any others that I've liked, none have swept me off my feet in the way that Air's still does. The version I posted on your profile is actually a longer version from the blu-ray releases of it...it's so beautiful. ^.^ Oh, and both Kanon's and Air's openings beat Clannad's and Angel Beats' in my opinion. =P

    Oh and this part: "With Clannad, it felt more like a clicé schoolife drama, and i have seen alot of those." --- you're echoing my thoughts again. I've seen too many of the cliché schoolife drama anime for them to hold the same amount of interest for me anymore. The more anime you watch, the pickier you become...or maybe that's just me. ^^;

    As you said, Angel Beats did lack that buildup, but I think the main reason it didn't score a home-run for me was the lack of balance, which I suppose was the same problem Clannad had, but they were still different. Angel Beats, my problem was that their juxtapositioning of humor beside drama seemed very incorrectly placed at times, and in fact confused me at certain points as to whether I was supposed to view a certain scene as extremely serious, or as rather oddly placed comic relief. Though with Air, I can see how the shift in perspectives it had may get a little confusing, but it definitely did have that "anticipation" alongside Kanon, that Clannad and Angel Beats lacked.

    By the way, yes I'm into long posts, and yes I've written other people VMs this long. xD
    ik heb er eens wat gegoogled (dat is een woord tegenwoordig xd) en ze lijken me best aardig. Ik zal er wanneer ik weer aan een nieuwe toe ben wel eens een paar series kijken, leuke tips.

    is het trouwens de bedoeling dat de afbeelding blijft laden? XD ik dacht toch de hele tijd, waarom laad hij niet... maar ik geloof dat dit het plaatje is =P
    ik moest gister ineens gaan. dus ik raffelde mijn laatste bericht een beetje af.

    (je kent trouwens wel een hoop :/)

    puur actie hoeft van mij even niet meer, daar heb ik er al genoeg van gezien = =. het liefst een niet al te lange serie (zo ongeveer minder dan 30 episodes), en met een niet altijd goed einde (anders laat het niet echt een indruk achter). een echt genre weet ik niet, maar als je nog een leuke suggestie hebt, is dat altijd welkom =P
    Yeah, I had the same opinion of it when I first watched it. lol I thought the characters and style were a bit unusual-looking. But I began to like the show after I watched a few episodes.

    Also, yeah the sun and moon are very strange. It's funny, because the setting takes place in Nevada! xD
    You, good sir, are becoming the legend you once were and arguably always have been. Taking the final steps out of ZD retirement, huh?
    helemaal mee eens =P

    tja, ik kijk opdit moment al een stuk of 4 anime (maar ik heb er net een paar uit, dus ik heb weer wat nieuwe ruimte), maar een goede suggestie is altijd welkom. Misschien iets als 5 centimeters per second.. heb je die trouwens gezien, echt een goede
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