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  • The ranks were completely separated. Nobles and Knights are now completely different. Only a select few Nobles, who had fairly high activity levels were given the Knight rank.
    Well the Last Story is not that bad, and there's a control option to press A to attack, do you know anybody who would like to join my group? And yes I do have a Xenoblade Fanclub Xenoblade Chronicles - Dungeon Gaming Network
    Hey Onilink89 do you want to join my group The Last Story fan club?The Last Story fan club - Dungeon Gaming Network
    Wut da heck. I keep reappearing here. This is like the second time in the past week.

    I feel old ;A; Iunno who most of these people are anymore. Lots of new guys 'n gals, and everything looks kinda different whenever I drop by. It's weird.


    Just felt like dropping you a message to say, "Hullo thar. I still live."

    Pardon my derpery. It's nearly 6 AM and I haven't slept since like noon =___=;;
    Injury has been upgraded to cracked ribs(s)! And yeah, not seeing that poohead anymore.
    Oni!!! I missed your accent!
    I am gettin' ready to go into grade 11 and stuff and yesterday I fell and bruised my ribs and my stomach is purple from where I fell about 15 feet! Yay!
    Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag. Hierbij een leuk verjaardagsliedje!

    Happy Birthday Song

    En natuurlijk ook een taart. Want wat is een verjaardag zonder taart :P
    Van harte gefelicteerd!!!!!!!! Het is altijd goed om je weer te zien op de site!! Ik hoop dat je een geweldige dag hebt enne...drink erop los jongen!!
    Quick feet you say? Hmm.. interesting. I was always so busy with "gemming" for those critical shots I often gunned for status boosters during large boss fights or from time to time I would use the Manado to wipe a field for a health ratio benefit. Then again at times I would attempt to avoid battling to save resources and health for that matter. But at the same time it's always interesting what you can pick up from random enemy's. Then again I would always try to be lazy and cut out the middle man by just shopping for armor and weapons in any of the local bazaars/shops. -lol- but in the end I suppose my argument was irrelevant, instead of rushing through the game trying to clear a field as fast as I possibly could I went back on my second play through and just enjoyed a lot of the scenery and discovered a lot of hidden treasures as well. So ll my Internets to you sir lol.
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