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  • Yes that'd be the one. They haven't been updating till just recently it seems so I hope it comes back with some new stuff. I liked it personally.
    Actually It was an image collection that I found. I don't know what's going on currently so I need to start finding out.

    I guess I understand, espcaially with the whole CoD douchbag thing. I play games like that, but I'm not on a mic or trying to get the best score. If I do, I do, but I'm playing usually for fun or stress relief (they often coincide).

    I did follow AskThePsychoandtheB*tch at one point. That one was funny.
    :lol: It was pretty funny. Last day of school too.

    Banershy :lol: Only once you have been hugged by me, do I give you permission to "squee"

    I've been reading a bunch of old AskPrincessMolestia pics. Pretty damn funny. And I love how in the fanbase, Luna is a gamer. She takes part in "fun".
    I got a 1 on the AP test. I bombed it completely. That course totaled me and I'm glad I passed the class with a C. Day of the final exam itself we had an underpants party friday (teacher approved) where me and a couple friends pulled our pants down and sat in boxers while taking the test. We had to pull em up fast a couple times thought when the AP's came in. :lol:

    Overall, the teacher is great so I think I'll be fine in this class.
    Exactly, I know everyone in there. The only exception was Spanish, which ironically enough, we didn't do any intros :lol:

    My only work so far has been for AP Environmental Science but I'm okay with the class cause I had the teacher last year for AP Chem (god that class was awful).
    Thanks! I'll keep you posted.

    Well I've finally had 2 day ones so far and my second day two is tomorrow. My school has a block schedule so it's 4 classes one day, 4 classes the next, they alternate. It's been pretty good, but slow. You know how first day stuff goes. Boring and old. Everyone knows the drill "Hi my name is.....this is about me...." I did have some teachers who didn't do it so I was glad for that.
    I see what your saying and I understand. I probably was rushing it slightly. I'm behind, as I said before, on chapter 2 so I'm doing that this weekend (I hope) and I'll try to do it better. You should follow the series (I can post each reading up hear if you'd like) because it gets really good. Chapter 2 slows down a bit so I'm gonna try and do recordings of 2 and 3 so that I can catch up. Plus, it starts picking back up at 3. The author decided to make the layout on the chapters to keep the show's own personality, while injecting some of his own. The dreams get way better later on.

    Anyway, how's it going?

    It's not bad. I got 4 of my 8 classes today and get the next 4 tomorrow (we have block schedule this year) :dry: I played Slender with my friends in class and they freaked. I did to, so much so that I was shaking by the time I was caught.

    So how'd you like the story (and my sexy voice ;))?

    I uploaded chapter 2 last night but then found out my recording when bad so I have to redo the recording for chapter 2 for this story and another story that I'm reading. Unfortunately that has to wait until the weekend. :(
    Yeah I know. It's just like what I posted in my blog a few days ago. I'm *****ing about being bored and then school starts in 3 days so now I'm *****ing about that.

    Hey, I wanted to share this with you. It's my reading on a fanfic that this guy did. I've been in contact with him and he liked my first chapter so I'm doing the second on Monday.

    That's great!

    So my school had open house today and it kinda blows now that I am going back, but at least I'll be seeing friends I haven't seen in a while.
    Oh, it starts Tuesday.

    And I'm up late cause of that band. I didn't get home till 12 and it started at 6:30 :lol:

    Sounds cool. I don't play instruments but I can sing really well and I have a knack for screaming vocals, which is useful since the bands that we like (my friends and I) are what you could call "Screamo". That's actually what their band is.

    I also can work with electronics, synth, and programming so I could get a band going myself.

    But yeah, playing guitar in concert sounds really cool!
    I DVR'd it while I was mowing the lawn and stuff. But today was overall really good cause of that and my friends played a show tonight that was sick as hell (they have a band)!
    Fair. Still, keep an attitude of hope. Most ladies prefer a man of confidence (such is my experience)
    One way of going about it is to first acquire a female and then make her into a brony yourself. I did that once, with satisfactory results.
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