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  • I take a normal vitamin like I usually do, and just eat a lot of high protein foods that aren't meat based. I still eat eggs and drink milk, veggi/bean burgers and crumbles aren't that bad actually, and vegetarian ravioli are quite good.
    I've done it a couple times, yeah. Sushi's my favorite food. It's kinda hard for me right now cause I went vegetarian for a month. I don't really miss the red meat much but missing sushi and other seafood items sucks. I think that if I do stay vegetarian, I'd do one of those pseudo-vegetarian things where I only eat seafood once a week.

    I began using the username back in 2010 so I figured that since I wanted to put music up on my YT, why not do it with a pony by the same name. Made sense.
    Supposed to be me. My OC, Sooshi Shef. The size isn't good so I'll share a larger one.

    My friend did the art so I have to thank her for that.

    I'm hoping that another friend can help me too. She doesn't like Bronies much, mainly cause her brother is an uber fanatic so she get's annoyed at him when he goes on about it. She said she'd do one for me, and I'm hoping I can get another one, more sinister looking (ie. Get a little blood on him, an apron, and a chef's knife, since he's a chef).

    Okay, maybe not that bad. But every once in a while I feel like I need to break away you know?

    Yeah, I know the quality wasn't great. The way I made it was using a program available on the DSi or 3DS called Rytmik. But the only way the program can actually put songs on a computer is through playback on something like Audacity but mic recording it. It doesn't save the song to the system's SD card so a perfect quality recording isn't available.

    However I found a website that can be used to make, play, and even export songs. And I'm planning on using FL Studio more.
    That sucks, sorry to hear it.

    I'm *****ing to myself in my head about how bored I am, and how much I'm gonna complain when school starts. Honestly, life would be so much more simpler if I was a cat.

    Oh, and I made a song, so that's something to be proud or ^^
    Bah, that's no way to think. Course, it's what I spent the first 14 years of my life thinking. Still, there's always someone out there for ya.
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