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  • Lawl, I'd already sent you a friend request xD
    But yeah, nice talking to you too!

    ♪ Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
    And you'll never walk alone,
    You'll never walk alone! ♫
    Hmmm... have you used the
    Finally decided to finish MM...wow...what a boss battle...Chilling and awesome at the same time....I'm speachless!
    It's no problem. In the future, just let me know you'd like to use it. I was quite suprised to see one of my userbars as I was scrolling down a thread a few days ago. xD Glad you like it, though.
    Dude that picture in your sig is epic. Can I find a desktop sized version of it anywhere?
    Im almost done...just finishing Ikana, then doing some more side quests, then killing majora! After that im gonna play ALTTP and TP...or maybe do a 3 heart challenge on Oot...have to see how im feeling after MM.
    MM was as tedious as all hell....I loved that game but jeez it had me pulling my hair out...i just beat it recently for the first time
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