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  • Ah, I'll try to check it out. I recently returned to being in charge of the article staff, so I might not have a lot of time to read it personally, but I will try. At the very least I'll have one of the other staff look over it. :) And don't worry too much about the pictures unless you really had something in mind, because the article staff can take care of that. ;)
    I messaged Justin about giving you Article Center access. Sorry for the late response on that though. :( Interested in seeing what you write!

    The mixpod stuff is detailed in this thread, but if you have more trouble I can help more. :) Glad you liked the mailbag!
    To be honest, I had a very good time playing the game. I liked it so much, because it was a lot harder then most newer Zelda's. There was also no Walkthrough's, so if I got stuck, I had to figure it out. Plus the voice acting isn't that bad.:P
    Anyone can write an article so long as they have access to the Article Center. I can probably get you access if you're interested. Do you want to try writing articles?

    Anyway, thanks, glad that my articles are good. :D I used to write them very often, actually, usually once every other article, really. But not so much anymore, that's true.
    Oh, thank you! I've been trying to make the mailbags a bit better, so I guess it's working. :bleh: And I'm glad you liked that article. :D
    I thought it would be appropriate with all the SS news floating around the interwebz now.
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