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  • I'm sorry for what happened. Don't worry too much. Just a couple posts everyday and you'll be back there in no time. Not much we can do other then press on.
    Since everything got all messed up, can everyone that was my friend please send me another request? Please!!!
    If you want to know why I won't tell too much about myself is because I only want my friends (neighbors and friends at school) and if too many people know about me, I'll never be able to live. Some people call you a nerd if you really like the Zelda series and I don't need that stress in my life any more.
    They have to have Japanese letters.
    After all, Nintendo is based in Japan.
    It's kind-of based off of Nintendo. I was playing Mario Kart DS, I saw the staff ghost data and after I unlocked a few more, I made 2 Ninten* names. They have either Chineese or Japanese letters after it. When you see my Mario Kart DS walkthroughs, you'll see my name. FYI: The name is Ninten*; DO NOT FORGET THE STAR. To type the star, press the shift Key and press 8. That's how you get the star at the end.
    Does Ninten mean Ninten from EarthBound Zero, also known in Japan as MOTHER, or is it based off Nintendo?
    Welcome to Zelda Dungeon, Ninten*! Have fun, but don't forget to read the rules.
    If you need anything, just ask me or any other member. See you around!
    HI...I'm yer friend now, if you wanna still be.

    And Wind Waker...
    To me, there is magic right there. The art and graphics styles are very rare- not only for Gamecube, but for the gaming world as a whole! The fact that they are done so brilliantly helps...they can be dark when needed, but they portray a sense of smileyness to me when I see them. That by no means restricts its age group, though...it is still charming, fun, and in my case, addictive. The plot is only slightly predictable, as it follows the Zelda formula (rise out of nowhere, do three dungeons and get the Master Sword, then do a few more dungeons and kill Ganon), but still has good and memorable moments along the way.

    All in all, my second favorite Zelda.
    If anyone visits this place, please give me info in Wind Waker along with your name and email or tell your friends about my website and it's ninten*.com.
    If I have a DVD recorder or find a cable to connect my video camera to my laptop, you'll see a few videos by January
    Thanks guys for wanting to be friends( both of you are), originaly, the sight was supposed to be zeldagalaxy.com but someone already took it. Now, it's Ninten*.com you can visit my you tube channel zeldagalaxy for my walkthroughs (some belong to my friend soulsina 11 whoose also on you tube).
    i'll give you some opinion on wind waker. i liked the gameplay but it didn't feel the same as every other zelda game i've played. it has its own feel. it feels weird.
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