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  1. Ninten*

    Breath of the Wild Yiga Frequency

    I've noticed that they show up more after raiding their hideout. Before, it was just the travelers in disguise. Now Blademasters and Archers show up frequently.
  2. Ninten*

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but it's even worse than the CDI games. I wish I could join the Bluecoats.
  3. Ninten*

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    Totally don't have anything to do. No exams to study for, no notes to write, nothing to read. Nope.
  4. Ninten*

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You're banned because sleep is beautiful.
  5. Ninten*

    Scrubs Mafia - Sign-ups

    if only someone told me about this....
  6. Ninten*

    A Solo He Can't Refuse: Marching Band Mafia

    someone made a game like this, and didn't tell an obsessed band geek like myself? could i be a replacement?
  7. Ninten*

    Pirates Mafia: Curse of the Black Pearl

    VOTE: Josh
  8. Ninten*

    Mafia Game and Mod Queue

    i'll try it again. i'll need a co-mod. i can only begin after the end of may, when summer break starts Walking Dead Mafia EDIT: scratch the co-mod. a consultant is exactly what i need
  9. Ninten*

    Throw Something at the Next Poster!

    *uses energy force field* *throws Anti-Master Sword thing that Demise had*
  10. Ninten*

    Your Opinion On Facial Hair

    i try to grow it, but i get an unbearable itch, so i have to shave it. i have a sideburn on the right side of my face, but not my left. i don't know why.
  11. Ninten*

    Beginner's Mafia 7 - Game Thread

    i'm the godfather *for the second mafia clain
  12. Ninten*

    Beginner's Mafia 7 - Game Thread

    guys... i'm the godfather
  13. Ninten*

    General Mafia Discussion

    I'll take a numbered Mafia, but I won't be able to do it soon because AP/finals are next month. If someone wants to do it before me, then they can do that. Walking Dead Mafia I might need someone to help me to make sure this doesn't blow.
  14. Ninten*

    General Zelda Anyone Else Notice This Pattern?

    Wind Waker was released as a sequel to Ocarina of Time. Phantom Hourglass was released as a sequel to Wind Waker. Spirit Tracks was released as a sequel to Phantom Hourglass. Majora's Mask was released as a sequel to Ocarina of Time. Twilight Princess was released as a sequel to Majora's Mask/...
  15. Ninten*

    MAFIA XIV: Resident Evil 4

    I've never actually dealt with this type of situation before, neither have I ever heard it happening. You were the godfather and the doctor. Zenox targetted Hero of Time, and Kybyrian blocked you. If you had made Hero of Time the Godfather, then he wouldn't have died.
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