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  • Hey, Ninten*...
    Things have been fine for me, even if they have gone up and down quite turbulently. I have been playing games, courting girls, and listening to music from the Rock Gods this whole time...
    And yoooo?
    I will agree, it's my favorite game for sure. I just got WW, but I'm resisting until school is over for the semester because if I start, I won't be able to stop and then I won't study, or do homework.. Just finished TP over christmas break, but I didn't finish the sidequest and such.
    Sounds good. What games do you have knowledge of. OoT is the one I know the best, then MM, I just finished my first round of TP, so I'm still finding all the sidequests and games and such
    Hey. Yeah, I'd like to share hints and tips. I clicked on the join button for the group, do I still need an invite after that? Thanks for the message!
    Hey Ninten*, im back. Now i must start from begining, as junior member. Which game you are play recently?
    Sorry about all that rollback mess. I didn't resend the friend request because my list is so big and I have a lot of trouble remembering who is/was on it, and such... -.-
    The best way to get reputation marks is to make intelligent, well thought out posts and topics. Rather than making simple one-sentence answers, flesh them out with more reasons as to why you think a certain way, or use more examples. Don't get discouraged when people don't give reputation for quality posts though. I've often had posts I was very proud of not get reputation or even answers, and others I thought were mediocre get high marks. It's a bit of an odd pick-n-choose as to what people like.

    Also, don't just make longer posts with the idea of getting reputation. If they are redundant to other people's posts, or just repetative of what you've already stated in the post, then it will come off as if you are padding your posts. Posting to every single thread isn't a good way either. It can be considered spamming.

    It does take more than just having high reputation marks to become a moderator though, but it's probably a good start to get noticed around the community more.
    Well, I know Chrono helped in it I think. I believe Mr Guffey and Gravity had something to do with it. A lot of posts got deleted and inappropriate things were posted. I don't know how we found out.
    I just registered today. I regulary check zeldadungeon for zelda wii info and for walkthroughs so I thought I'd check out their forums
    The site wasn't hacked, Ninten*. It was a server crash! No-one's to blame, so don't worry about hackers.
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