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  • It's really annoying when it happens, especially as you had some good stuff. Have you been able to re-do it or is Christmas stuff getting in the way?
    That majorly sucks. Do you have to do the ENTIRE thing again or can you just re-do the commentary?
    It would be better if you can get rid of it but that will probably require you buying the full version of the recording, unless you can get a different one. When will part 2 be up?
    I was going to wait until you started making videos before subscribing but, what the hell :D
    They both have some great videos but they aren't as good as Peanutbuttergamer. Speaking of which, he has a new Zelda video up. AWESOME :D There was another channel that has great videos but can't remember what it's called.
    Sucks about your computer. At least a new one will be better to put the videos together on. With the OoT LP, a few of us have called dibs on certain parts to record and the commentary will be added on top. Most likely there will be 2 or 3 people commenting on each part. I'll be recording Jabu Jabu's Belly, Bottom of the Well and the Gerudo Training Ground. JonTron is good but not seen much of him. Have you seen much of Top 10 FTW or Yuriofwind?
    Had a look at the video and made a comment, did it as DefenderofHyrule which is my own channel that I used for videos before joining SupeReal. Would be good if you can start doing videos, too. The video you have is a tad old so are you planning on getting things under way soon? For the capture card, a Hauppauge is quite expensive but a Dazzle is pretty good and is about half the price. As you're a fellow Zelda fan, just a heads up that we are planning on doing a Let's Play of Ocarina of Time in the new year which we are all looking forward to doing. We have a Facebook page for the channel the details on what's to come. Peanutbuttergamer is hilarious. Love his top 10 scariest enemies video.
    ooh really? You can get them in english for a decent price too (I think I paid $19 for seasons on ebay)
    Awesome, what's your channel? You got some cool songs in your top 5 (not surprised about #1!) I use a Hauppauge HD PVR gaming edition which has been amazing at capturing the footage.
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