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  • I love Relient K and Hawk Nelson. Both very good bands. Same with Stellar Kart, though I'm not into them as much.
    Mases is in charge of ZeldaDungeon as a whole, but the current main people in charge of running the forums specifically are Kybyrian and David. I'm not really sure I understand what you're suggesting, so I dunno which would be more appropriate, but I suggest trying to contact one of them. :)
    Ah, I'm really sorry dude. That's a discussion group where I and some others discuss about a secret project. I'm sorry.
    I loved your ''post your own SS reviews thread'' Great idea! Unfortunately I can't yet contribute to it, but rest assured I shall in the near future.
    No I don't work for Nintendo.

    My friends dad works at GameStop, He was able to get an early copy and when he was done with the game I borrowed it.
    I originally planned to buy it 10 days early for 210$ from a person I know, If you want a game 7-10 days early you need to have a big wallet or contacts.
    I, Demise, have ordered my loyal minion to wish you a happy birthday.

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