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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Demons by imagine dragons. Amazing song!
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    What do you think of down syndrome? My cousin has it.....She's has the best personality. She's so fun to be around. It also makes me thankful that I don't have it. I can't stand people that bully people with down syndrome.:dry:
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    What Is Love?

    God is love. Love is giving. Love is not about you.
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    Are You Afraid Of Death?

    I'm not really scared of death. Why? I will be with Jesus in heaven. I'm actually excited for death to some extent. Does that mean I'm going to commit suicide? of course not! Like others said, I still want to have children, get myself a wife, and have a great life. I'll be ready for death when...
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    General Zelda More or Less Rupees?

    Please just give us more ways to use the ruppees. Maybe, you need a certain amount of rupees to enter the dungeon.
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    Ocarina of Time Am I the Only One?

    I think the Forest Temple felt a lot like Metroid. In every sense of it. Even the item you get. The hookshot seems a lot like the arm cannon that Samus uses.
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    General Zelda Multiple Companions?

    This could be very interesting. This would provide great replay value. Many different stories. I like it!
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    How is C.O.D Better Than LOZ

    I don't see how this is a worthy argument. Legend of Zelda and Call of Duty are two completely different games. Two different genres. There both great series for their genres. I personally like Legend of Zelda but I respect anybody that differs with my opinion. I've played both game series...
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    Spoiler Two Master Swords?

    I guess your right. I respect your opinion. Actually that makes sense......
  10. MonkeyFightSquad

    Spoiler Two Master Swords?

    Locke, why is the Master sword not there then?
  11. MonkeyFightSquad

    Spoiler Two Master Swords?

    Could there be two Master Swords? In Twilight Princess, in the Temple Of time you put the Master Sword in the pedestal, but the pedestal is empty before you put the sword in. The Master sword isn't there. Where is it. While your in the Temple of Time, could it be the same time frame in Ocarina...
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    Who Will Be the Next Poster?

    Yep. Demise.
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    Raindrop's Sig/avy Shop

    Thanks a lot Raindrop. I'm an odd person.:party:
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