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  • There isn't going to be a hurricane in England...at least, I think not. I would have seen on the World News.
    It's probably a bad storm...etc.
    Awesome :D

    The wii one hasnt been out too long. Well not as long as the others :)
    Hah hah. Why did she do that? I never thought of myself as a celebrity. Maybe I am...*thinks*
    Well i only have all this stuff because i play online with people alot on DS & Wii, and they give you millions of bells and such of which i paid off my mortgage. Some people use Action Reply in order to get unlimited bells & whatever item they want, and even hack in to there town so they can move buildings and add some.
    I started playing Animal crossing because i saw my brother play it when i was around 10 maybe? I cannot remember :P but ever since i've been a huge fan. So then i got the Ds one, and the wii one as soon as they came out.
    So i'm 16 now, so been playing AC for about 6 years i guess.
    Haha, I wouldn't call myself a legend, but thanks anyway!
    Most things i have on DS & Wii i've got by people helping. However on Game cube i did it all myself.
    Yeah i love animal crossing.
    I have all of them, Gamcube, DS, and Wii of course :)
    I have Full house and nooks on them all. :D
    I liked the music in ST but I felt more "free" in PH, if you see what I mean, but I loved the underwater in ST! PH took me more time to beat, so it's all pretty much equal....
    Ohhhh, I want to get T P, I've only completed S P and P H... Which was your favorite between the two?
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