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    How Trusting of Others Are You?

    My initial answer to the question was not at all, but then I stopped to think about it for a few seconds. I actually am a pretty trusting person. It's not to hard to earn my trust, and once you have, it's pretty hard to break it. I'll probably just end up forgiving you in a day or two. Unless...
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    How Easily Do You Date?

    I'd really rather not date someone without knowing them well first. I have no interest in a "just for fun" kind of relationship. If I decide to date someone, it's because I really like them for who they are. The topic of dating has been on my mind recently with going back to school. I've started...
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    Males Vs Females Game

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    Did You Ever Think You Would Turn Out Like You Currently Are?

    I certainly didn't, in multiple ways. First of all in sports. For the longest time I hated running, and was terrible at it. (Long distances at least. I was always a fairly quick sprinter.) In 7th grade however, I made the decision to join track. I'm now a freshman in cross country, and I'm doing...
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    The Dreamers RP (Thread)

    Cameron was quite shocked. He had hoped that he would be reunited with his comrades quickly, but this was more than he could have hoped for. "Yeah, somehow!" He replied, still stunned, and happy to see the others. "How's the group holding up?"
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    The Dreamers RP (Thread)

    Finally, Cameron was feeling normal again. During the dreamer demon attack he had gotten separated from the group, and was badly injured. His memories of the time following his separation from the group were hazy. He vaguely recalled someone finding him, and telling him to hold on until they...
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    General Zelda Easiest Zelda Title

    WW is the easiest for me, but after beating the game as many times as I have, it would be impossible for it not to be easy. TP comes in second. Just not a whole lot of challenge in the game.
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    RP Leaving/returning Activity Thread

    I'll be gone starting tomorrow afternoon, and won't get back until Thursday night. If it's necessary, those in charge of the RP's I'm in may control my character as need be. Otherwise, I'll catch up as quickly as possible once I return!
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    Dreamers Semi-Open Sign Ups

    If you were completely surrounded by dreamer demons, you'd have a bit of trouble with direction too you know! Stop taking the bait Cameron! You aren't even technically back yet, and you're already getting into fights... I can already tell Cameron and dagger are going to have an interesting...
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    When Do You Plan To Move Out?

    I'll be moving out when the time comes for me to go to college. Not sure where I'm gonna go or what I'm gonna do, but I still have 4 years to decide, so that's no big deal. My initial reaction was to say that I'd move out right now if I had the money. After thinking about it though, I realized...
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    Dreamers Semi-Open Sign Ups

    I was here first you know! I just... got lost...
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    Dreamers Semi-Open Sign Ups

    Name: Cameron (no last name) Age: 24 Appearance/Clothing: Lon'qu from FE. I have no idea why I just literally stole this from FE. I guess I was just to lazy to come up with an original look. :sweat: I'm not gonna change it now though, for the sake of preserving the character. Weaponry: Dual...
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    Did You Ever Yell at Someone Out in the Street?

    I've never yelled at anyone out on the street. No matter how angry I get I just wouldn't be comfortable with it. I have been yelled at, however. A few weeks ago I was in Chicago and there was a homeless guy sitting down with his feet stretched out across the sidewalk. As I walked by he started...
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    Did You Ever Toss Things at Your Tv or Pc?

    Thankfully my Tv and Pc have been kept safe from my rage. :lol: Whenever I get angry at something involving one of the two I try to direct my anger at other, less important things.
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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

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