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  • Same here ~ So what do you like about the game? I like how it's fresh, has different races, new villians and a new place. I wish they would make another game like Majora's Mask for the DS or something ^^
    Hey M16, McBlizzy told me that I should befriend you, she said you went into full on detail with the Zelda games thread or someting like that :bleh:
    Anyway, i'm guessing you like Majora's Mask? Me too, I like it and i am helping McBlizzy with the article she's working on at the moment. And, I'm Majora'sMask98, or just Maj for short ;)
    We need to liberate this mission, I was thinking of writing an article of the sorts explaining the superiority of MM, and posting it on here and maybe elsewhere?

    BTW, I'm guessing from your title that you like Tingle? I do as well =D I don't know why people hate him T.T
    Agreed, I'm on a mission to convince people that MM is superior to OOT, because it is =D
    well in the rpg
    we can do whatever we want
    become a scolar, an awesome fighter, a gangster
    and you can buy your own house have a family go on adventures, ANYTHING!
    oh and like all the other rps im gonna use rin
    this can also take place in medivil times the future the past or in hyrule
    Uhh I'm not Random Person or are you calling me that. There's a thread about making them in the forums.
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