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  • "Bleh: Basically the same, aside from all the homework I have.. >.< So you're doing the article with Blizzy? Sorry, i just need to know whats happening with it because my computer broke a while a go so i have a new one, with Windows 7.

    Thanks ;)
    Well if we both write down some of the same reasons, we wont be repeating them in our article =D
    Hey Happy Birthday! Would you like a list of why I think MM is superior? If we have the same reasons we can mesh them together =D
    Thanks :) I have one now, and thanks a lot, it really helped i might make one myself soon.
    i'm new here and i was just wondering, do you know how to make signatures?
    Haha, yeah. I'm helping her with the article too :)
    i'm very happy to be a part of the article. .
    Yup Blizzy, he's met me :) Hi Majora16, how are you going? Are you doing the article with Blizzy?
    Yay! It seems you've met Majora'sMask98 =D I'm kind of tied up at the moment, summer school and now Tonsillitis are going to kill me =/ But once I revive we should definitely compile all our reasons as to why MM is better into some sort of structured literary piece and post it on here =D

    For some reason Tingle always made me happy, Tingle, Tingle kooloo - limpah! He'd jump around and have lights and dust and everything! It was so magical and he was always so happy all the time, and that's why I like him =D
    Yeah, Well there's one thing I can say, I love the Song of Healing! Aswell as the Song of Storms, it's my favourite ocarina song.
    And another reason why it was better, there was more places to go, like when I was really little I used to get bored of playing around in the Markets on Ocarina of Time, so then I played Majora's Mask and I used to have way more fun in Clock Town etc. :bleh:
    You have lots of good reasons to why MM is better~!
    You should consider telling all of this to McBlizzy if you haven't already :)
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