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  • At the earliest, it would be posted in about two weeks, so you'd have plenty of time to implement any recommended improvements. If you need more time, that's fine, we could just post it on a later date.

    Keep checking that thread and your PM's over the next couple weeks and keep the article staff updated on your accessibility. Also, check for recommended changes. Like I said, it's a good article, so I hope you have time to edit as necessary. :)

    Also, John Locke = win. :D
    Locke, did you get my PM? Will you be available over the next couple of weeks?
    Thanks for the posts. Although they really make me wanna give up Zelda and not post here. Could you be a bit more friendly about things?
    {quote}and TMC before you try to explain it to me.{/quote}
    Sorry, I do not quite understand what you mean. Can you rewrite that?
    Yeah, I was a fan of Peter then John Locke was brought up in Government class as Thomas Jefferson's favorite philosopher.
    A Random comment from a Random Person.


    A lot of ZD Newbs make the mistake of replying to a message by posting on their own profile. Including me!
    Are you a frequent poster on ZI?

    (50 character limit. Augh this thing is really annoying sometimes).
    Hey man.
    It appears that you have some knowledge about the timeline series.
    So therefore, I have written to Mr. Mases about hiring more staff to the site as Timeline Theoretics :P
    Like people who replay games, take notes of info that may affect the timeline, discussing together, look up research, and create a reasonable timeline...
    I would give you a recommendation :P

    God damn, this post makes no sense at all :D
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