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  • Thanks Lock,
    I realized the old theme was way too plain. Been meaning to fix things up.
    I only find one thing messed up about your timeline theory, and that's with having LoZ and AoL after Spirit Tracks, and for good reasons. My first plausible piece of evidence is that, well, at this point, the Triforce is back in the Sacred Realm, so there would be no way to get the Triforce without building some sort of way to get there, and that has been done only once with the Temple of Time and the Master Sword (Which are both under the sea.).(Unless you'd wish to imply that ALttP, which has a bunch of portals to the sacred realm is there as well.)

    Secondly, where does Ganon come from? As far as I can recall, Ganon is 20,000 leagues under the sea with the Master Sword sealing all of the evil. Even if there is the Spirit of Ganon, it's being held by the pedestal the blessed Master Sword made. In addition, what would have happened to the Spirit Tracks by now? If the Spirit Tracks were destroyed, then that would completely ruin Hyrule's economy and government because of how attached the whole nation is to the trains.

    I'm not trying to smash your theory, I'm just asking some logical questions.
    So you have to have shoutbox access first before you can join the article group?
    I keep seeing a section called Article Center in the who's online screen and well, it has me interested. I have asked a couple people about it but no one seems to have any answers for me. So I was wondering what do you have to do or join to view that section?
    Well checking my settings I see that I got a gray heart on one of my posts. Looking at the post it says that I have neutral rep on it. I did not know that could even be done, at least I cannot see how to do it. I did not see anything on it in the rep thread so I just wanted to know what that meant.
    Hey could I ask you a quick question about user rep? Are you the knowledgeable one about that sort of thing?
    Hi there my name is DARK MASTER I like Rare Zelda game or Rare Selda games anyway will you be my friend?
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