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  1. Link12

    Does Anyone Here Use Pokémon Showdown?

    I use showdown and love it!
  2. Link12

    WW-Wii U One of the Worst Final Bosses in the Series

    Ah true it was a better since of accomplishment instead of stab Gannondorf until he dies, but when I first got to Gannondorf it was hard for me. As I kept on rebeating the game it became easier and easier. Now do not own ww hd so I don't know weither or not Nintendo made the game easier seeing...
  3. Link12

    Would It Be Cool if Zelda Dungeon Made an App?

    Ah yes :lol: we defiantly don't have funds!
  4. Link12

    Does the Future Scare You at All?

    Yes I find it scary because soon I will be am adult and I fear that I will screw up in the world
  5. Link12

    Happy Mother's Day (in the USA)

    That's nice I bet your mom really enjoys that!!
  6. Link12

    Happy Mother's Day (in the USA)

    Cause no matter what women always love perfume :lol:
  7. Link12

    Happy Mother's Day (in the USA)

    Simply and classic. I like it!
  8. Link12

    Happy Mother's Day (in the USA)

    Happy Mother's Day!! How did y'all celebrate Mother's Day? Our family bought mom some blueberry bushes since she love gardening!
  9. Link12

    Which Classic N64 Game Are You?

    I got ocarina of time!!:cool:
  10. Link12

    What is Your Mood at the Moment?

    Meh could be worse!
  11. Link12

    Why Do You Love Video Games?

    That's a good reason
  12. Link12

    Your Favorite Pokemon Game

    Gold and silver!!
  13. Link12

    What is Your Thought on "Ash's Coma" Theory?

    Ya this is true. Honestly I haven't watched a whole lot of the new pokemons so I wouldn't know that much about how it would imply to them. I just thought it was an interesting theory on how it could maybe fit in and wanted to know people's opinion about it :lol:
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