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  1. Link12

    Does Anyone Here Use Pokémon Showdown?

    I use showdown and love it!
  2. Link12

    Do You Believe in Ghosts?

    I have recently watched insidious chapter 2 and paranormal activity, my thoughts through the movies were hmm I wonder what different people believe about ghost, angles, and demons etc. As for me I don't really believe in ghosts but I do believe there are angles and demons out of my own...
  3. Link12

    WW-Wii U One of the Worst Final Bosses in the Series

    Ah true it was a better since of accomplishment instead of stab Gannondorf until he dies, but when I first got to Gannondorf it was hard for me. As I kept on rebeating the game it became easier and easier. Now do not own ww hd so I don't know weither or not Nintendo made the game easier seeing...
  4. Link12

    Would It Be Cool if Zelda Dungeon Made an App?

    Ah yes :lol: we defiantly don't have funds!
  5. Link12

    Does the Future Scare You at All?

    Yes I find it scary because soon I will be am adult and I fear that I will screw up in the world
  6. Link12

    Happy Mother's Day (in the USA)

    That's nice I bet your mom really enjoys that!!
  7. Link12

    Happy Mother's Day (in the USA)

    Cause no matter what women always love perfume :lol:
  8. Link12

    Happy Mother's Day (in the USA)

    Simply and classic. I like it!
  9. Link12

    Happy Mother's Day (in the USA)

    Happy Mother's Day!! How did y'all celebrate Mother's Day? Our family bought mom some blueberry bushes since she love gardening!
  10. Link12

    Why is Homosexuality a Problem?

    I couldn't agree more!! Believe me I have a lot of homosexual and lesbian friends but I do not hate them in anyway what so ever! Like juicej said "love the sinner hate the sin" I can not point out a homosexuals sin because I have sinned and in Gods eyes a sin is a sin no matter what it is! What...
  11. Link12

    Pride in Your Nation

    Ya I mean I couldn't have said it better than the animal farm explanation you just gave. In the book the animals overthrow their "higher power" and come up with a form of government ie. communism this government works out for a little bit but eventuality is destroy by over powering people! I...
  12. Link12

    Pride in Your Nation

    What if I am a poor man and want to move up in the world for the sake of my children so that they can have a better life? I can not because communist theory dictates that everything is equal for everyone! Let me ask you this of a kid who loses at a soccer match wins a medal because God forbid...
  13. Link12

    Which Classic N64 Game Are You?

    I got ocarina of time!!:cool:
  14. Link12

    Pride in Your Nation

    My point exactly!! That is what I am trying to say by we are a bunch a lazy pansies that don't get off their a** to do something! No offense to your brother. Socialism and is the step before communism so in a way they do go hand in hand.
  15. Link12

    What is Your Mood at the Moment?

    Meh could be worse!
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