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  • I LOVED SEASON TWO!!! The only things it was missing were the G and P T and more Luna. (yes, it had some Luna...not enough though)

    I also need to start getting ready to apply for colleges soon. -.- Goddamn being a senior sucks.
    nice to know. I'm still looking for a job, I might get a volunteer job soon and I still have an interview at another place soon also.
    Gun' be nice if I could actually get some of my own income.
    Hey. I'm kind of in a rut. I don't know what to watch/ read on the interwebz. Part of me wants to try and watch an anime that I haven't seen and part of me wants to read more Fallout equestria.

    Anyway how's your life been?
    It's About Time was quite good. I loved the Metal Gear easter egg by making Twilight look like Solid Snake

    I'm always working. Always.
    Aww.....now is that fair? :P

    Hmm.....I really liked Lesson Zero a lot. I could relate to that one. I've been in a school situation once where I practically drove everyone away for the whole day cause I was wrapped up in work. I also liked Reed it and Weep a lot because I love reading and It was great. And the Great Canterlot Wedding was awesome too. Overall it's really hard to choose but those ones are towards the top.

    Well as far as the mane 6 go, I'd say it's a toss up between Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash, though Pinkie Pie is close behind those two. I guess it's because I'm a bit like all 3 mixed together, good and bad parts. I'm extremely school focused like Twilight, which can cause me to have anxiety attacks sometimes (Lesson Zero was like a "Oh I know all about this" type of episode for me), I'm semi egotistical like Dash, and I constantly talk like Pinkie Pie.

    However I love Vinyl Scratch and Octavia quite a bit. Probably cause music is sorta like a second life for me.
    Oooh, I have the same tshirt! Bought it a few weeks back with every cent in my pocket (why is Hot Topic so expensive...?) Anyway, I've got my plate full for a while, but I'll try to read that fic when I have the time!
    I hear you. Personally, I think it'd great to get away from everyone for a while. I guess perspective changes depending on where you live.

    Anyway, who's your favorite?
    For you, it's your life style. I live in a big urban area but sometimes I wish I could get the hell out of here and just live closer to nature. Anyway, why would someone ridicule you? (okay, I know why some people might, but I wouldn't)

    As for this person you know, wow. Probably wanted to feel exclusive or has only seen the memes :right:
    So why not talk to him? Too into it?

    I have about 4 friends who watch it. 2 are pretty tight lipped about it while one is casual about it and the other flaunts it. Most of my friends know I'm a brony and really don't care. I like it better that way too. Judge me on who I am, not what I watch, you know?
    I joined back in March, earlier in that month when I actually started watching. Basically my friends had been going on for a while how it was legitimately good. I really didn't understand why but I didn't care enough. Fast forward 1 or 2 months and it's the end of February and I'm trying to understand why the show is so popular. So earlier in March I decided to watch the show and ended up liking it. So I joined the group.
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