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  • Yeah no problem! I gotta spread the well wishes and now that I have this I can do it with some extra pizzazz :D
    Happy Birthday! I know we've never talked much but I always gotta issue a fellow brony a Happy Birthday

    And since it's your B-Day it's time to celebrate MLP style!

    Bad luck. Mortal enemies with Octavia. That's how this happened - http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/25800000/-Dj-Pon-3-vinyl-scratch-25871508-900-633.png

    Anyway, once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    I couldn't say for sure. I'd probably hide from all the other ponies during the first day and at night go to Twilight's house saying I'm new to Ponyville and asking if I can stay at her house for the night.
    Yeah, most of them don't do anything though. It's pretty much just the ones that were around before you left. Crazeh Navi, oracleofcanada, me, also there's Darknut Hunter now.

    I like it that way though. I prefer that it just be a small, close-knit group like it is now.
    Yeah. The group really exploded over the past month or so, I guess it was only inevitable as the MLP fanbase continues to grow larger and larger.
    for the most part the active members of the group have stayed the same, we've got a few more now but as you can see it's still not a very active group.
    I don't read very much fanfic, I try to but I never get around to it.
    I've been reading Fallout Equestria lately, have you heard of that one?
    True. From what i understand though the minimum amount of episodes a successful series needs to have is 65, which is how many episodes there will be with the first three. Besides, most of the money generated with MLP is made with original content from fans, I don't think that Hasbro or the creators themselves are making all that much.

    I really wouldn't want to see it end after just three seasons though. I'd like at least 5 or so.
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