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Hylian Pants
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  • Well... someone's been active more so now than usual. Don't worry about me, just felt like Randomly posting on your page.
    Today, for no reason in particular, I sat and thought about what 'Hylian Pants' would look like as an item.

    Pants with the Hyrulian crest? Pants with pictures of Hylians on them? Pants MADE of Hylians? o_O
    Hi! This is random, but I saw you online today, which was a coincidence because I just happened to think of you today. I got a drawing book yesterday and I've been doing some of its suggested exercises (so far, just doodling, heh.) And I got to thinking about some ZD artists, which is how your name came up. Also, RP and I were talking yesterday and he rec'ed your tutorial. :-) I'm not drawing people yet but I'll come back to it when I am, I think.

    Anyway, hope you're doing well, and happy new year!
    Sup HP! I see you're online for the first time in like ... forever. Hey you have a profile pic. I never noticed that. Has it always been there? Ha ha, you're pretty. Anyway, there's a new thread called A Random Competition. You may want to check it out. Always nice chatting with you.

    PS : Need new art to look at. If have something, that would be lovely XD.
    Hi HP hows it going you probabely don't know me or don't care so I sent you a friend request.
    Whew. Thank Goddness. I was starting to think you were avoiding me. It's okay if you can't help. In reality, your instructions have helped tremendously so you've already contributed.
    Just finished, the next time you get back on, I'd like to discuss some drawing stuff with you. I never knew all that stuff you put in the HP big tutorial thing. ZD continues to astound me with it's astounding interesting people.
    HA! I found you!!! I was looking everywhere for the Person who drew that pic of dark Link. I'm in search of artist for I need their/your help. If you're not too busy I could use some help with artwork. I'm trying to get some pics done for the story I'm writting Wig-Or-Log and a good way is to have multiple people draw stuff from it. If you would like to aid me, VM me and I'll give you the details. If not, then VM me still so I atleast know. Thanx! And now, I'm off to look at your albums.
    Yeah, school's got me pretty busy, too. I should be doing homework a lot of the times I'm on ZD, but its just natural for me to procrastinate... though I'm trying to change that. I'm failing at it... badly...

    Other than school, I'm pretty good :3
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