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Hylian Pants
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  • Oh I see, interesting. *laughs* I'd never be able to choose a name as funny as that, I am just too straightforward, or demanding. I pick one-word names most of the time. I've been Tetra, Radamanthys, Xeldimus and Atsuma here. XD

    Glad to hear you are staying. *Brings frog leg out* naw, you are too nice for me to smack you with it...maybe later, when you learn more about me and my purpose here. Right now I don't feel like losing your kind friendship. :lol:

    Feel free to drop any messages when you feel the need to talk to someone, I am always around. :D
    Oh, you noticed that, eh? I was on my way back to Ks, but luckily for me things worked out in the end. I explained in that thread. XD Good to see you remain active, many members join but are never seen again, it is good to see you around. :P

    The name you chose is funny, is there a reason why you chose it? lolz.
    Aww You got rid of your old sig! The one where the Deku Tree Sprout makes Link sob but still expects him to save hyrule! I liked that one!:(
    YOUR USER NAME IS SO BRILLIANT. It cheers me up whenever you post in a thread, and it displays your name on the front page xDDD
    Just had to tell you that~
    Legend of Neil, the epicness of epics. I had never heard about it until they got nominated for a Streamy a while ago and I was like: Why havent I heard of this show?!?! So then it was watch the whole thing in a day, and it was really good. And I never really finish the full-length fan movie either :( It wasn't that good in the beginning, so I kinda watched 10 minutes a day, but then Nintendo took it down D:

    Ach, Zelda... can't get enough of it xP
    I am really jealous of your rep. You only joined a few weeks ago and you have as much respect as arkvoodle. But seroiusly that's a good thing you got there.
    That is REALLY sad. I somewhat hate animators, they never finish projects that people think is awesome ^^

    Any other Flash-series you watch? I know of one that has been going on for a long time and is really good, the Misadventures of Zelda or something like that... :P
    Haha yeah, I used like 4-5 epic faces from it as my MSN picture :D Especially from the third installment :D Cant wait for a new one!
    I saw your avatar, and you like the flash cartoons The REAL Legend of Zelda? :D

    Cuz that show is awesome ^^

    added ya ;)
    You might be fresh meat, but you are a member nonetheless, just like me. Welcome to ZD, if I missed your intro topic. I am Atsuma, pleasure to meet you, Hylian Pants. haha. :lol:
    Hai, welcome to zelda dungeon. Have fun and enjoy your stay. So, which game you are playing recently?

    Your signature is cool....................
    Hello Hylian Pants. Welcome to the Zelda Dungeon forums. I hope you enjoy your stay here!
    Don't forget to read the forum rules and if you have any questions, simpluy ask me or any other member.
    See you around!
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