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Hylian Pants
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  • Today was really busy. Holidays are lovely, but the day after is always filled with catching up. _._

    I knew you were at school already, but I didn't know your orientation week was so long. Hope you like your classes this semester! I was pretty lucky in my college career, and rarely had to pick one just as a filler. So I liked even my electives.
    D: How many awesome siggys are you going to get?
    I saw the animation that your siggy came from. It was aweshumness. ^^
    Oh wow, I know how it is, last night was the first night I slept in my house in chicago and today is my first day riding the train and going to school it is a bit scary. Hopefully your move goes well! :)

    And I love hip hop, I listen to it way too much. hah.
    WOW! you were the only person on the site to recognize my avatar! Add me as a freind!
    Hello HP, it's been a little while. How's things? Except for the school musical, it had been pretty quiet around here.
    XD no rush, I didn't expect any progress for awhile anyway lol we are all busy with a lot of stuff going on.
    At the moment I'm trying to teach myself to program a video game >.> my eyes hurt from looking at the computer for so long. So if you will excuse me I'm going to go pass out now ^^
    Just thought I would stop by and say hello ^^
    Have you worked on any more of the tutorial yet? It has really helped me on my drawings, matter a fact Im trying to draw a mix of both manga and realism in my drawings instead of just manga. All I need to work on is the figure of the person and clothing folds >.> which are a real pain to me lol
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