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    What Can We Do to Revive Toonami's Ratings.

    The time frame isn't that bad. It's the shows that are on it. They need to put shows that people already recognize like DBZ, or Gundam Wing. It needs to be liked it used to in order for them to get their ratings back high.
  2. guapo2003

    Favorite Mario RPG

    Paper Mario for the N64. Definitely the best one. I loved the other Paper Marios, but they tried to hard, especially the Wii one.
  3. guapo2003

    Rumor: Wii U to Be Priced at $200?

    There's no way it will be $200. It will most likely be atleast $250.
  4. guapo2003

    Favorite Franchises for Music

    Oh, that's easy. Here are my top 5 in order: 1) Final Fantasy 2) Legend of Zelda 3) Mario 4) Metriod 5) Dragon Warrior/Quest
  5. guapo2003

    For Females of All Ages: Do You Like Wearing High Heels?

    High heels can look pretty sexy if they are worn right and with the right outfit. But I do feel sorry for girls who do wear them , because it can wear on their feet. I really don't see why girls do put themselves through all that torture. Oh wait...it's because that's what expected out of them...
  6. guapo2003

    What Would You Like to See in the Next Zelda Game?

    One thing I would like would be to travel to different places such as Hyrule, Termina, and etc. To be able to intertwine them and be able to control what happens with your decisions you make. To have a much wider variety of places to visit instead of just a couple of towns.
  7. guapo2003

    A Color For Every Zelda Game?

    Exactly. You really want to just stay with mainly the same ones lol.
  8. guapo2003

    A Color For Every Zelda Game?

    Here's what I think the colors should be: Legend of Zelda - Grey Adventure of Link - Forest Green Link's Awakening - White A Link To The Past - Black Ocarina of Time - Gold Majora's Mask - Purple Oracle of Ages - Blue Oracle of Seasons - Orange The Wind Waker - Yellow Four...
  9. guapo2003

    What Colour 3DS Do You Have?

    I have the Legend of Zelda edition one. Too bad I ruined the box though when I opened it for collector's purposes. But I don't care, it's still fun! :)
  10. guapo2003

    Franchises Which Have Lost Their Appeal

    This is one of my all-time favorite franchises, but it's definitely started losing it's touch and that's Final Fantasy. It was the absolute best when Hironobu Sakaguchi was invloved with it. They also lost it when Square and Enix merged together which was a complete shocker. And it's not that I...
  11. guapo2003

    Mario: When Does the Line Get Crossed?

    I hate to say this and as sad as it sounds, I'm sure Mario will perish the same time Shigeru Miyamoto does. So let's hope that alteast another good 25 years.
  12. guapo2003

    2012 Golden Key Awards Results!

    Thanks man, it looks like we are the miniority in this. But either way like I said before congrats to the winners and perhaps this could be an opening of an idea to something that only members with no rank or staff members are allowed to only participate in.
  13. guapo2003

    6 Graders

    Wow 6th grade. I can hardly remember what that was like. Umm.. the good ole days when I was young lol.
  14. guapo2003

    What's Your Job?

    I work full-time as a Closing Manager at a Grocery Store and part-time as an Access Coordinator in the ER at a local hospital. I get one day off a week and work roughly 52 hours a week.
  15. guapo2003

    2012 Golden Key Awards Results!

    Still, I just think it's an unfair advantage in my opinion. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that.
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