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  • Did you mean to say that you think I was a woman? Not quite sure what gave you that idea, or if it was a typo, and I did say in my introduction thread that I was a gay guy which you replied to, my profile picture is a picture of my personal mii (I even use it on Mario Kart Wii) and even if I say so myself I think he's a very handsome, if slightly angry looking, guy. But it's ok, I''ll let it go, we all make mistakes; he's angry looking because of the amount of times I get screwed over online in Mario Kart Wii lol..

    I don't think this guy has a webcam, when I registered him and tried to call him I could not video call him, only call him on his mobile, which I'm not sure if that would cost me.

    I've now reached that stage with TP and SS, I can remember exactly what to do to get the heart pieces (except a couple in SS but I can always get the 18 hearts to defeat Demise, I'm not good enough to get all 20 hearts), silver rupees, gold rupees, bottles, etc. Do you usually get the Hylian Shield in SS? Every time I've played it I always get the Hylian Shield, I don't feel like I've collected everything if I don't. Plus I get to battle Koloktos again :)

    Oh, and I hope everything going ok with you:)
    Hey, Hows things? That was a really nice message you left last time, thanks a lot:) Everyone should find their soulmate right? I am in contact with a guy who said he wants to meet me, we message each other everyday, but unfortunately he lives in Ireland:( That's so my luck...

    Hows work been? What is it you do? Don't know what it's like with you but over here employers would rather make their current employers do long hours than take anyone on to split the workload, that just cannot be right can it?

    I played Ocarina up until the fishing game, I just couldn't catch the right fish, they'd swim away or I'd get the wrong one. I just got too frustrated and rage-quitted. But am loving SS, have you completed the game then?
    Sorry I didn't get back sooner, had one of those days today, but I'm a bit better now. I was 6 years old in 1984, what a shame you missed that year, it was a year like no other. I've been stressed because I'm trying to find a boyfriend, I'm 34 now and have not settled down, you may know that a lot of gay guys are quite ageist. Certainly quite a few that live near me are. And now I'm having to look more further afield:(

    Anyway, which Zeldas have you played/owned? I had Ocarina 3DS but sold it (never been keen on handhelds), but still own Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword.
    I'm feeling a bit better today, been very stressed lately. I just found out we have exactly the same birthdays, I'm December 21 as well, what year are you? I'm 1977. I live in a little old English town called Bradford On Avon in Wiltshire in South West England. It's a very nice place, but am by no means snobby :) Where in US are you?
    I'm not feeling too well at the moment got a really bad migraine, but thanks for asking. Where are you really from?
    Hey there, guapo2003. Since you signed up for TheMasterSword's Mario Kart Wii tournament it would be nice if you could provide him your friend code. I realize you may have forgotten with your day to day responsibilities and because you're so busy making excellent posts on the forums. ^^ Thanks!
    Hey there guapo2003!:wave: I don't know you on the forums but I noticed it was your birthday.^^ So...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:clap::clap::clap:
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