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  • Pretty good, thanks for asking!
    Anything new happen recently? c:

    Newb army? Hehehehe..... >:cool:
    Well, i'll get on the one for wii and I should have it by the end of this weekend. And as for the gamecube version and the gameboy i'll head for those later on.
    -Lol-, it's fine I don't need an essay to get what your saying. I indulge in RP from time to time as well. Good way to stretch the ol' creativity muscles.
    Hmmm....books and video games you say? Well, I mainly dable in RPG platformers, Legend of Zelda, Okami, Animal Crossing, etc.. But by nature i enjoy all different types of things simply by experimenting to see witch ones catch my interest.

    As far as books, I enjoy books on philosophy things that answer some of life's more deeper questions, that some dare not to ask simply because why should they? -lol- As long as we as humans are content with our surrounded in present time why worry about the past? Well that's were my curiosity gets the best of me I love history the older the better in my opinion. I especially love finding out more about my own roots. One of my great great great great grandfather's was a word smith and another was a train conductor and another was an airplane pilot.

    I find these small little trinkets of the past fascinating. And try to indulge my mind by finding out as much as possible about them.
    Hahaha, well everybody ask eventually so curiosity is something that posses us all =) And i could answer your question but it would be kind of indirect because generally there's a lot to know about me. So how about you ask me specifically what you'd like to know I have no secrets guy -lol-
    Hahahaha ^^ Then when that Saturday comes, get your 5 piece bucket and your TV Remote and laugh till' you cry -lol- it's youth kid and were running off the stuff. =)
    Indeed, don't let age be a handicap =). Im 18 and your darn right im gonna wake up and enjoy me some Tom and Jerry -lol-
    I've been doing fine. Spring break started today for me and my history teacher is being pretty crazy and having notes based off of 60 textbook pages due tomorrow! D: Right at the start of break too! Geez, can't get any rest around here. :dry: I'm currently rather brain dead.

    What are you up to?
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