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  • We have a big Skype chat for anyone from ZeldaDungeon.net who'd like to join. I'm actually kind of busy, so if you'd like to find out more ask Wolf Sage, he's a mod.
    Hi! I saw you joined the ADTR fan club I started! It's pretty new so you're my first non-invited member! Thanks for joining!

    As a couple ALIT said read the rules and have fun. VioLink's Forum Games suggestion is good. That section will help familiarize you with the forums. Just remember that every thing you post in the community section doesn't add to your post count. Certain sections are off limits until you reach a certain number of posts.

    As a final suggestion get skype and join the ZD chat (talk to DARK MASTER for more info).

    Have fun!

    PS - I love cats too<3
    Hi! Oh,so you are new here.I suggest you'll have some fun in the Forum Games and I love your username.Do you have lamps that are so cozy? :D
    I love your avatar. =)

    Now, let's get some general politeness out of the way. :P

    Welcome to the ZD forums! #1 key to success: Read the rules!
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